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    Win Toolkit 1.4.30 Portable + DISM

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    Win Toolkit 1.4.30 Portable + DISM

    Win Toolkit - Update program to work with images of Windows 7 and 8. The program is a good alternative RTLite and free.The tool allows you to customize the Windows 7 image c using the tool "Integrator all in one."You can integrate elements such as updating driver packages, add-ons, gadgets, wallpapers, themes and much more in the way Windows 7/8. The program does not require installation and is ready to use!

    Program features:
    1. Download the updates with the new changes, SP1, Language Packs without having to visit the Microsoft Web page, the driver packages and so on.
    2. Integration of the drivers, registry entries, add-ons, language packs, gadgets and more into the image of Windows.
    3. Integration into the image of the "silent" installations.
    4. Conversion Update MSU to CAB and vice versa, the extraction of updates EXE and convert them into the Cab-files for further integration into the image.
    5. Merge x86 and x64 images into a single image.
    6. Create a bootable USB-drive and CD DVD.
    7. Remove / add components, the Windows implementation of the image.
    8. Creating a response file (silent installation).
    9. Removing and installing the cached updates to the current installation to Windows.
    10. Forced off the mounted image.
    11. The division of the image into several parts if the car is not the destination drive DVD.
    12. Built-in manager WIM, DISM, and editing images imagex for WIM (no need to download Microsoft Windows AIK).
    13. Removing the Microsoft Office updates from the EXE files and convert them to Cab-files for further integration into the image.
    14. Creating your own add-ons of the software installations for subsequent integration into the image.
    15. Editing the registry within the image WIM (add, delete, edit registry entries in the image).

    Changes in Win ToolKit 1.4.30

    * ^ External links now have shortcut arrow
    * ^ You can now specify a DISM location
    * ^ Better DISM detection.
    * ^ FIX: KB971088 did not integrate as cab.
    * ^ AIO Preset name now shows character limit
    * ^ FIX: Updates disappearing when add Updates + Subfolder (same folder)
    * ^ NEW: Main window redesigned
    * ^ FIX: Imporing registry permissions
    * ^ FIX: Fixed detecting largest drive on startup
    * ^ FIX: Component Remover now recognizes more packages
    * ^ FIX: Component Remover wont list multiple language packs
    * ^ FIX: RunOnce will not crash during installations (hopefully)
    * ^ FIX: Fixed outdated support links
    * ^ FIX: Fixed monitor not turning off (sleep)
    * ^ FIX: Fixed Update Installer BF / LDR mode.
    * ^ CAB support RunOnce
    * ^ New preset naming
    * ^ FIX: Crash on sorting items
    * ^ FIX: Integration status was swapped during item moving
    * ^ FIX: Mount folder was removed even though 'Keep' was selected
    * ^ FIX: Offline updates had wrong name
    * ^ FIX: RunOnce showed security warning
    * ^ FIX: RunOnce hanged when no installs
    * ^ FIX: RunOnce used wrong version string
    * ^ FIX: Moving updates to IE group did not work
    * ^ FIX: Better MSU> CAB extraction detection

    Win Toolkit 1.4.30 Portable + DISM

    Date of : 2014
    Operating system : Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8
    Interface language: English
    Activation : Not required
    Size : 15.46 Mb

    Download Win ToolKit 1.4.30 Portable + DISM

    Download Win Toolkit 1.4.30 Portable + DISM for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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