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    Ashampoo Snap 7.0.3

    Category: Software | Updated: 9/25/2015, 5:49
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    Ashampoo Snap 7.0.3

    Ashampoo Snap - This is a very handy utility for rapid creation of screenshots with built-in graphics editor, allowing to use a variety of effects.The utility has a lot of opportunities for high-quality removal of images from the screen, and additional tools for editing and screenshots.Immediately after the captures box pops image editing. The program has a very unusual and easy to use interface with multilingual support, including support for Russian language.

    Program features:
    "Capture windows and supervisors, including the window is not rectangular
    "Capturing a predetermined area of ​​the screen with setting the width and height
    "Capture any part of the screen
    "Running multiple captures without restarting
    "Automatic monitoring of built-in Windows screen copy button for quick and easy screen capture
    "Support for the capture of exclusive content on the screen
    "Imposing smooth shading image windows and objects screenshots
    "Capture the mouse cursor using special effects
    "Applying uniform effects (e.g., effect of torn paper)
    "Odnoklikovye function to save, erase, storage, copying, printing and e-mailing
    "Cutting, clipping and pixelation selected part
    "Rotating Images
    "Resizing Images
    "Unlimited undo and redo
    "Adding text to the image using the fonts and colors
    "Drawing shapes and arrows on the screenshot for annotations or markers
    "Various painting tools on the image, including the pen, pen, eraser, etc.
    "Quick tips for the user when using the program
    "Multilingual interface, including the Russian language

    New in Ashampoo Snap 7

    Smoother workflow
    Ashampoo Snap 7 uses optimized drawing routines to provide a smoother, rounder look and feel that you will simply love.

    Less complexity
    With Ashampoo Snap seven, it takes less clicks to achieve your goals. Save time and boost your productivity.

    Smarter work environment
    Ashampoo Snap 7 employs smart background versioning so your original image is never lost and all modifications remain editable. Want to start over? Revert to the original at the click of a button.

    More creative freedom
    Ashampoo Snap 7 has all the tools you know and love and improves them.Apply gradients to almost any object, use the new outline style for visual accents, work with curved lines and arrows or 1-click clone objects for simple reuse.Not sure which application window you will later need? Simply use the new "Capture all visible desktop windows as objects" and capture all of them at once. The windows will then be captured into a single project but remain movable and resizable right from within Snap.

    Sharing has never been easier
    You no longer require an installed application to email your work, thanks to the integrated support for browser-based email clients.The integration with common file hosting services has also been greatly improved with integrated support for Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Sky Drive.Need an even easier way to share your work? Upload it to Ashampoo Webspace, now with HTML 5 video support, and share a unique Internet link with your friends. Furthermore, Ashampoo Snap 7 features JXR and PSD export with layers for easy processing, eg with Adobe Photoshop, for power users.

    Graduation Year: 2014
    Platform: Windows® 8 / XP / Vista / 7
    Interface language: Multilingual + Russian
    Activation: Cracked-dll
    File size: 29.50 MB

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    Download Ashampoo Snap 7.0.3 for Windows 7, 8, 10
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