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    LibreCAD 2.0.1 Final

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    LibreCAD 2.0.1 Final

    LibreCad (previously CADuntu) - Free and cross-platform CAD 2-D drawing and design, built on the basis of QCad (it is a fork) allows you to perform two-dimensional drawings of the engineering and constructionnature, schemes and plans. According to the principles of the work program is similar to AutoCAD, although possible, of course, very inferior. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

    The main program file format is the format DXF (DXF R12 and DXF 200x), originally developed for the exchange of 2D-data package for AutoCAD. Supported export formats SVG and PDF.Support is planned for DWG format using libraries GNU LibreDWG. It can also import and export image formats BMP, PNG, PPM, XBM, XPM.

    LibreCAD is a fork of the free version of the project QCad, a developer which focuses mainly, a proprietary version of the product.LibreCAD Development began in 2010, as work to establish a CAM system for CNC router, based on QCad CE - free version of QCad, which is licensed under GPL v2.But due to the fact that QCad CE library used Qt3 - outdated version of Qt, there is an urgent need to transfer to Qt4, which was first made.Then we plan to expand and LibreCAD now has several features that distinguish it qualitatively from QCad, such as better support for the Cyrillic alphabet.

    Initially, the project was called CADuntu, but that many do not like the name (in particular due to the fact that was similar to the name of Ubuntu, to which the CAD is irrelevant and soundas if it were a special Linux distribution for engineers on the basis of Ubuntu Linux). Therefore, in December 2010, it was renamed the CADuntu LibreCAD.

    The main objectives of the development was a translation LibreCAD codebase QCad with outdated library Qt 3 to its modern version - Qt 4 and integration tools to export data in EMC2.As a result of the restructuring was carried out a total code base, done porting to Qt 4 and solved many other problems, uncorrected in QCad.

    The first stable version LibreCAD came in December 2011.According to the developers, due to changes in the code, the speed of mathematical operations increased significantly, as has been reduced and optimized the volume of data being processed. Implemented experimental support for the format DWG. Added support avtocohraneniya, improved interface.

    A program plugin interface through which you can extend the functionality of LibreCAD. A new library for the format DXF.Added localization interface to 24 languages, the opportunity to use utf-8 for the names of layers and blocks.The documentation has been rewritten and developed its own font format LFF, since documentation of QCad and used CXF-Fonts are the intellectual property of the company which controls the development of QCad. Also featuring a library of thousands of standard models of five parts.

    Changes in LibreCAD 2.0.1
    reworked snap system to allow simultaneous multiple snapping options; snapping of equidistant middle points;
    Helping / scratch layer support. Straight lines are kept infinite and entities are skipped when in printout;
    isometric grids;
    architectural tick;
    support of new ellipse features missing in version 1.0, such as, intersection, middle point, arc length, and tangential direction;
    several new drawing features for line, circle, and ellipses;
    improved localization, translation for plugins and standard dialogs;
    general factor for dimensioning of scaled drawings;
    revert entities direction, developed by effad;
    some UI tweaking;
    Windows setup registration to add LC in Windows Control Panel 'Programs and Features'.

    LibreCAD 2.0.1 Final

    Version of the program: 2.0.1
    Operating system : Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / Windows Server 2008/2012 (x86 / x64)
    Interface language: Multilingual / Russian
    Treatment : not required
    Size : 26,88 Mb

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