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    Firefox Hybrid 26.0 Final Portable

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    Firefox Hybrid 26.0 Final Portable

    Firefox Hybrid 26.0 - The latest version of the hybrid assembly of Firefox on the basis of the final version of Firefox 26.This assembly, unlike the others, is much faster and more stable, as compiled without the integration of third-party components and tools. In other words, it is a pure assembly multiprofile, for the average user, the rest is left to the discretion of the user.

    A special version of the web browser Mozilla Firefox, turned into a portable app, so you can wear your bookmarks, passwords and extensions with you.In this assembly are already included in our opinion the best add-ons that make your online experience faster and safer to get rid of annoying ads, help save music and videoonline services directly, provide direct access to current weather outside and the services of interpreters. List of Additions: AdBlock Plus, NoScript, Video Download Helper, FEBE, FlagFox, FlashGot, Forecastfox, Globefish, TabMix, ImgLike Opera, Speed ​​Dial.

    Firefox Hybrid is easily adjusted to work in parallel with other versions without changing their settings and can be run in several different modes (Classic, Home, Hybrid, Safe).All modes operate completely independently of each other and each has its own storage folder. The new version has the ability to bypass the blocked sites via a proxy server.

    - This assembly is built on one of the most popular browsers.
    - Multiprofile.
    - 4 independent of each other regimes.
    - Ability to bypass the blocked sites.
    - High stability allows you to work safely, the browser suddenly closes or fly.
    - Fast loading pages much faster the work on the Internet.
    - Supports various additions and modules.
    - Supports all the features of the original browser.
    - Works with almost any carrier.
    - Do not leave traces in the system.

    Description modes:
    - Classic mode allows the user to work with the regular version of the browser.
    - Home mode will save you from the pop-up banners and teasers that interfere quickly download page.
    - Mode Hybrid, an optimized mode for faster surfing the Web.
    - Mode Safe, provides maximum user safety. All traces of the browser are deleted after closing.

    What's new?
    - Added Christmas theme

    Firefox Hybrid 26.0 Final Portable

    Year: 2013
    OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
    Language: Russian
    Activation: not required
    Size: 34.24 Mb

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    Download Firefox Hybrid 26.0 Final Portable for Windows 7, 8, 10
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