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    Qmmp 0.7.4 Ml / Rus

    Category: Software | Updated: 26/9/2015, 05:05
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    Qmmp 0.7.4 Ml / Rus

    Qmmp is an audio player written using the library Qt. The program has an interface similar to winamp or xmms.Music player is great as a music player for listening to music without the everyday various excesses. It does not have that tricked Rhythmbox`a, but music playback copes perfectly. The player plays almost all popular music formats.

    Additional Information :
    * Converter audio file format;
    * Browser stream icecast;
    * Definition of the types of files by content;
    * Preset equalizer Amarok;
    * Access to playlists from the command line;
    * Dithering module MPEG;
    * Additional filters for directories;
    * Support for pkg-config;
    * Support vqf;
    * Display information about the stream shoutcast;
    * Support for the clipboard into the URL-dialogue;
    * Improved support for cue;
    * Support for user interfaces in the form of loadable modules (plug-ins);
    * Official support for FreeBSD and MS Windows;
    * Full translation into Russian and Ukrainian languages.

    Changes since 0.7.3:
    added Galician translation
    added support for ffmpeg 2.1;
    added support for extensions m3u8;
    improved support for ReplayGain:
    Fixed 24/32-bit mode;
    Added clipping to prevent overflow;
    Improved module cdaudio:
    added support for Windows;
    Added caching of tracks;
    fixed proxy support;
    Fixed localization module wildmidi;
    eliminated case sensitive when checking file extensions;
    Fixed warning gcc 4.8;
    Fixed a memory leak;
    fixed some Windows-specific errors:
    Fixed reading m3u-files with a backslash;
    Fixed a problem with absolute paths;
    Fixed adding files from the command line;
    Fixed support modifier Meta / Win in the module global keys;
    Fixed Japanese translation.

    Qmmp 0.7.4 Ml / Rus

    Version : 0.7.4
    Released : 2012
    Operating system : Windows XP / Vista / 7
    Interface : Multi / Russian
    Activation : not required
    Size of archive: 17.01 Mb

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