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    Chromium 34.0.1762.0 ML / Rus Portable

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    Chromium 34.0.1762.0 ML / Rus Portable

    Chromium - Fast and cross-platform browser with open source software, which has become a "parent" for Google Chrome, ChromePlus, SRWare Iron, RockMelt and others.The developers claim it as one of the fastest, safest and reliable tool to access the Internet. Based on a free engine, WebKit, which provides high-speed rendering, and engine V8, which is responsible for handling javascript.

    The Chromium component is integrated Safe Browsing, which provides protection against phishing and malware, which can optionally be disabled in your browser settings.It should also be noted that the web browser functionality can be greatly enhanced through the use of extensions and plug-ins. The program does not require installation.

    Another interesting feature - providing a list of the most frequently used applications and tools. Internet with Chromium become personal: the user can change the icons interface, color, border shape, width, style, perception of depth, thickness, fonts, and more.

    Main features of Chromium:
    - High speed
    - One storage location for all files
    - Support for HTML 4.01, xHTML 1.0, XML 1.0, SVG, SVG Fonts, SVG Filters, SVG SMIL animation, MathML, ECMAScript, DOM
    - Crash-control
    - Safe Browsing
    - Incognito mode
    - Sync through your Google Account
    - Address Bar and Instant Search box easier to obtain access to personal content online
    - Instant Share
    - Import settings
    - Easier and more convenient to download mode
    - Enhanced functionality with support for the HTML 5
    - Search as the main form of navigation
    - Support for applications and extensions
    - Support for skins

    Differences from Google Chrome:
    Despite the similarity, the Chromium browser and Google have a number of significant differences. Chromium is a free web browser with open source software, while Google Chrome EULA is licensed under non-free and contains a number of elements.

    Chromium 34.0.1762.0 ML / Rus Portable

    Year: 2013
    OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
    Interface: Multi / Russian
    Activation: not required
    Size of archive: 68.85 Mb Mb

    Download Chromium 34.0.1762.0 ML / Rus Portable

    Download Chromium 34.0.1762.0 ML / Rus Portable for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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