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    SyncDroid 1.0.4

    Category: Software | Updated: 26/9/2015, 23:53
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    SyncDroid 1.0.4

    SyncDroid - An excellent program for owners of phones based on Android, it will allow you to do a full backup of all existing data in your mobile phone, and then, if desired, can all too easily be restored. The program works with Android 2.0 and above.

    Initially, you have to go to settings, select there "Developer Options" and enable them to tick the "Debugging USB", hereinafter referred to connect the device to your computer, runprogram, it will automatically find the phone, write his model, show how busy the main and internal memory, plus you can see what's happening on the screen of your phone through the program interface.

    Further SyncDroid it should be noted that ticks materials should be copied, do not forget to change the name of the backup. After waiting for the end result, all as simple as possible. Note that just as you can then restore it all, good luck!

    Features SyncDroid
    Backup and restore data from the computer;
    Transfer video, audio, photo;
    Backup and messaging seamlessly;
    Saving contacts vyzovova magazines, bookmarks management;
    Automatic search for your Android device;
    Only 3 steps to backup files Android on a computer, and restore them to the Android or a new phone;
    Automatic installation of the required drivers telephone;
    It supports all popular Android handsets, including: Samsung, Sony, HTC, Asus, Motorola and many others ...;

    SyncDroid 1.0.4

    Platform: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
    Interface language: English / Russian (partially)
    Activation: not required
    Size: 20.16 Mb

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    Download SyncDroid 1.0.4 for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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