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    Antirun 2.6 Pro

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    Antirun 2.6 Pro

    Antirun - A tool to protect the system from the threat of viruses from USB-carriers: flash drives, memory cards, external hard drives, mp3-players, cameras and other media connected via USB-port.The utility checks the device connected to the computer and automatically recognizes the autorun file, displaying the name of the executable object and its icon.Opens the drive to view the contents without running a malicious file. The program is easy to use, has a nice and intuitive interface and does not need to update antivirus signatures.

    Program features:

    Automatic check
    Antirun automatically scans connected devices and informs the user when it detects threats.

    Virus Removal
    The program automatically detects the executable file. Detection of viruses removed in one click.

    System Protection
    The setup program automatically configures the system in accordance with the requirements of security.

    All connected external devices are displayed in the dialog Antirun as tabs. This makes device management easier and more convenient.

    Extraction devices
    Quickly and safely remove the device can operate directly from the dialogue Antirun or opening the ejecting menu by clicking on the icon in the system tray Antirun.

    Information about the volume
    At the bottom of the dialog Antirun displays information about the available and occupied volume on the disk.
    Convenient copying
    Copy files and folders on external devices can be simply dragging necessary objects to the dialogue Antirun.

    Tray icon
    Click on the icon in the system tray Antirun open the menu safely remove the device. Double click will display a dialogue Antirun, a right click will open the context menu.

    Automatic updates
    Antirun automatically notified when updates are available, so you'll always have the most current version of the program.

    Thoughtful interface
    The program interface is simple and intuitive. For a long time I do not have to understand even the novice user.

    Management dialogue
    For a more convenient operation, remember that a double-click will open a dialogue Antirun disk and click the right mouse button will hide the dialog.

    Minimum resources
    Antirun uses minimum system resources and does not conflict with third-party antivirus software.

    Antirun 2.6 Pro

    Operating system: Windows XP / 7/8
    Interface language: English Russian
    Activation:there is
    Size: 2.58 Mb

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