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    inSSIDer for Home

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    inSSIDer for Home

    InSSIDer - A utility that scans for available Wi-Fi network and provides a wealth of information about them, such as signal strength, MAC-address of the router, the manufacturer, using the channel,SSID or public name of the network, security type, network speed, and more. Also the signal strength can be monitored using visual graphs in real time.

    InSSIDer It allows you to measure the signal strength of available wireless networks and calculate their performance and throughput. With it you can learn how to influence the quality of connection objects that come across the signal path, such as walls or doors, as well as learn the coverage based on the interference.

    All wireless network use specific channels (frequencies) for data transmission.In case if there is more than one network, and they all use the same channel, it can significantly affect the data transfer speed of all networks within range, usingthe selected channel. InSSIDer will determine which channel is used less often. With this program you can determine which security settings used by wireless network and whether they are optimal. This will reconfigure it and prevent unauthorized access.

    Filter lines, which includes:
    - Inclusion or exclusion of the search as SSID or suppliers
    - Channels Search field
    - Network Type Search Field
    - Secure Search Box

    inSSIDer for Home

    Date of : 2013
    Platform : Windows All
    Interface English
    Activation : not necessary
    Size : 5.18 Mb

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