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    OblyTile 0.97

    Category: Software | Updated: 27/9/2015, 05:31
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    OblyTile 0.97

    OblyTile - A program to create your own tile on the start screen of Windows 8, allowing to run user-selected classical program. For tiles, you can specify a name and pick your own image for the program to be run to specify the necessary parameters.

    OblyTile It allows you to add any application startup screen - a classic means of Windows - Control Panel, Task Manager, Registry Editor, or the same calculator. As well as their own programs, such as commonly used - the browser, office applications, ICQ-client and more.

    To add a new tile, enter its name in Latin, select the path to the exe-file of the desired application and select the icon that will appear on the next tile.Below, there is an icon to preview the result, if all goes well, you can press Create Tile - tiles will be added.

    To add a system problem, you can use built-in set of tiles for this purpose in the upper part of the application, click the icon «Open Tile Manager», and then «Quick List».Next will select the desired function from the list, by the way, among them you will find the function off, reboot and lock the computer.

    Changes in version 0.9.7
    When editing an already existing tile, the old tile files will be deleted right away.
    The functions "importing" and "exporting" has now been added to the commandline.
    Deleting a tile from OblyTile will now clean the tile folder automatically.
    The option to delete several tiles at the same time has been added. [Use Ctrl + Left Click to select multiple items on the tile manager]
    OblyTile will now remember the last tile image path and program path.
    Fixed a problem that made the tile preview show the Small Tile image wrong.
    Fixed resizing problem for tiles that are less than 200kb.
    Fixed a bug that made imported tiles with more than 50 characters fail.

    OblyTile 0.97

    Released: 2013
    Operating system: Windows 8
    Interface language: English
    Activation: not required
    File size: 3.5 Mb

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    Download OblyTile 0.97 for Windows 7, 8, 10
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