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    XnView 2.13 Complete Rus / ML Portable

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    XnView 2.13 Complete Rus / ML Portable

    2 XnView - Software for viewing and converting graphic files. Excellent graphics file viewer, has a user-friendly interface and high speed operation, supports more than 500 graphic formats, can convert 50 formats between themselves.

    XnView can perform such operations on graphics as cropping, resizing, gamma, contrast, brightness, balance, printing, permits the use of various filters to the image, and is doingthe files much more, all these operations and filters (in any combination) can be applied directly to a large number of files, and screwing - save as scenarios and use later.

    The program supports direct work with scanners and digital cameras on the protocol TWAIN.If a user keeps a very large number of illustrations, such as pictures from a digital camera, then find the right pictures can be very time-consuming task.To overcome this inconvenience can save the catalog illustrations in the form of web pages or print it on your printer. XnView is able to convert images from one format to another.For example, the scanned image in TIFF format can be easily converted to GIF format for publication on the Internet.Moreover, if the user often performs the same procedure for converting file formats, it can create a script batch conversion and all changes to produce almost one click.
    However, only one file browsing capabilities XnView does not end. His second task - editing images.The program includes support for multiple filters and effects editing graphics (sharpen, blur, offset, mosaics, removal of the photos "red eye" and so on).Furthermore, it is possible to resize images, rotation or revolution horizontally and vertically. Multiple images can easily be "glued" into one panoramic picture.Available all the possible options for changing the color mode images. The program is also useful for creating screenshots. The user is sufficient to indicate the hot key combination, after clicking on the screenshot that is created and then opened in XnView for further editing.

    Program features:
    "" "Import more than 500 graphic formats
    »» »Exports to more than 50 image formats
    »» »Support for multi-page TIFF files, animated GIF and ICO files
    »» »Viewing and support for EXIF ​​and IPTC metadata
    »» »Support for auto-rotate images based on EXIF ​​information
    »» »Editing IPTC data
    »» »Support for resizing, rotating and cropping photos
    »» »Rotation and cropping of images without loss of quality
    »» »Adjust the brightness and contrast
    »» »Changing the number of colors
    »» »Apply filters (blur, emboss, etc.)
    "" "Application of different effects (lens, wave, etc.)
    »» »When viewing an image in full screen
    »» »Slideshow with effects
    »» »Convert and rename in batch mode
    »» »Easily create web pages
    »» »Screen Capture Desktop
    »» »Creating a contact list
    "" "Create or edit multi-page files
    »» »Support for TWAIN and WIA
    »» »Support for printing images
    »» »Support drag
    »» »Comparing images with each other
    »» »Support for over 40 languages, including Russian language

    XnView 2.13 Complete Rus / ML Portable

    Year: 2013
    OC: Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8
    Language: Multi / Russian
    Tablet: Not required
    Size: 14.7 Mb

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    Download XnView 2.13 Complete Rus / ML Portable for Windows 7, 8, 10
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