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    8GadgetPack 9.00

    Category: Software | Updated: 9/28/2015, 4:32
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    8GadgetPack 9.00

    8GadgetPack - A tool that will help restore the usual gadgets on the desktop in Windows 8, which help to quickly obtain the necessary information (clock, calendar, weather, currency exchange rates, system, and so on).Gadgets are installed in the same simple way as before.Included with the program are 45 gadgets (official from Microsoft, as well as the most popular), also included is a gadget 7 Sidebar, which mimics Sidebar gadgets Windows Vista.The program has a set of standard and some additional gadgets, as well as the installation of new supports.

    A special feature of the program is a convenient window c settings "8GadgetPack Tools", which contains the following options:
    - Disable startup programs;
    - To reset all the gadgets (return to the state after the installation);
    - Visit the website of the program;
    - leave feedback;
    - Uninstall applications

    It includes gadgets:
    7 Sidebar
    All CPU Meter
    App Launcher
    Chameleon Weather
    Control System
    CPU Meter
    Currency Meter
    Custom Calendar
    Desktop Feed Reader
    Drives Monitor
    Drives Meter
    Feed Headlines
    Glass Calendar
    Glassy CPU Monitor
    GPU Meter
    Google International
    Google Mail
    Hermes (RSS Reader)
    HUD Time
    Multi Meter
    My Weather
    Network Meter
    Network Monitor II
    Picture Puzzle
    POP3 Mail Checker
    Power Status
    Recycle Bin
    Remove Drive Safely
    searchALL Gadget
    Slide Show
    Sticky Notes Online
    Stock Meter
    System Monitor II
    Top Five
    Top Process Monitor
    Unit Converter
    Volume Control
    Weather Meter
    Webradio Sidebar Gadget
    Windows Live Calendar Gadget
    YouTube Viewer

    Changes in 8GadgetPack 9.00
    Startup is more reliable now hopefully.
    Added a few gadgets and updated the outdated ones.
    The sidebar is now not always on top by default and accessible by keyboard.

    8GadgetPack 9.00

    Graduation Year: 2013
    Operating system: Windows 8 8.1
    Interface language: Ml / Russian / English
    Activation: not required
    Size: 16.87 Mb

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