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    Advanced Screenshot Creator Portable

    Category: Software | Updated: 9/28/2015, 6:20
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    Advanced Screenshot Creator Portable

    Advanced Screenshot Creator - The program will help you to capture images from your mobile ustraystva working based on Android. Typically, then, for this it may need a lot of effort, but with the Advanced Screenshot Creator all problems will disappear instantly.

    Immediately, I note that the program is portable, you have to run after your device is connected via USB, if everything is true, in the main window you can see a picture of your phone's screen.Then you just move on it, you can run the game, after the program press the button to take a picture.

    Agree, simply and conveniently. Remember to only specify a folder on your computer where to store your images. For me, the program is very easy to use, really saves a lot of time, plus do not need to install it.

    Advanced Screenshot Creator interface is intuitive, and neatly organized, and you only need to connect your phone to your PC using a compatible cable, USB.Assuming that all the drivers are installed correctly, you can view a picture with the phone's screen in the main application window.

    In general, Advanced Screenshot Creator can help you save a lot of time if you want to make Android a textbook, and you have to take pictures in a sequence, so you can easily remove certain way, or replace it with another.

    Advanced Screenshot Creator Portable

    Released: 2013
    Platform: Windows 8/7 / Vista
    Interface language: English
    Activation: not required
    Size: 3.27 Mb

    Download Advanced Screenshot Creator Portable

    Download Advanced Screenshot Creator Portable for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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