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    Mozilla Firefox 26.0 RC1

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    Mozilla Firefox 26.0 RC1

    Mozilla Firefox - Without a doubt the best web browser of all time. It is fast and reliable, easy to operate and well protected free browser.One of the main advantages of the browser Mozilla Firefox - the flexibility and extensibility. Simple and concise, but at the same time user-friendly interface allows you to master the program within minutes.

    The main advantages of Mozilla Firefox:
    - Convenient bookmarks toolbar, which allows one-click to create a bookmark or go to your favorite site and find the titles of the latest news.
    - Integrated search panel you can use to find information on various search engines. The number of search engines can be increased by installing the necessary plug-ins.
    - Tabs. Ability to view and work with multiple sites simultaneously in separate tabs in a single browser window.
    - Auto update. In most cases, the size of the update is not more than a few hundred kilobytes.
    - Privacy. One click of the mouse you can delete all personal data, browsing history, cookies, form data, passwords ...
    - Secure Web browsing. Firefox stores your privacy and protects against viruses, spyware and pop-ups. And with instant identification of websites Firefox blocks access to the sites of the network of crooks, dangerous transactions and forgeries.
    - High-grade scale. Ability to view any part of the web page in enlarged size.
    - Support for RSS. The ability to create bookmarks.
    - Extensibility. Mozilla Firefox - the browser that has the largest number of additions (plug-ins). You can customize the toolbar to put additional modules and themes.With the help of plug-ins Mozilla Firefox converted from a small compact browser into a beautiful multi-purpose tool for exploring the World Wide Web.

    Improvements expected in Firefox 26:
    - All plug-ins other than Flash, will now be off by default and the associated content will require for its activation click on the special area (Click to Play).If you have previously blocked the show content only for certain versions of the plug-ins listed in the black list because of the vulnerability, it is now the default will block any relatedcontent plugins. Block are any versions of all external plug-ins, but for Adobe Flash is an exception - the latest release of Flash-plugin is activated without the need to click.
    - According to the developers, the practice of blocking plug-ins by default will increase the stability and performance of the browser, as well as significantly improve the safety of users.In addition, users will have full control of the plug-ins activate the selected sites.At a resolution of display content, action will be remembered for the current site in the future will not require extra clicks. It is also possible in the settings to enable the selected plug-in at all sites;
    - The Firefox password manager added the possibility of substitution data in the form of a password generated by the script;
    The Social API added support services for conducting bookmarking systems supporting SocialMark;
    - Expanded Support for Content Security Policy (CSP), aimed at integration in the web-browser special HTTP-heading the organization for the protection of cross-site scripting (XSS) andsubstitution in the page "IFRAME / javascript src" blocks.The new version of Firefox is provided the ability to handle multiple policies, including forced billing policy and access to read-only mode.Using CSP web-master can explicitly specify which of the scripts can be performed for a given domain, for example, you can allow only the performance of the local javascript-file and block execution of javascript-blocks defined directly in the HTML document or placed on an external website;
    - In CSS property added image-orientation to control the orientation of the image. In addition to specifying the rotation angle in degrees is permissible to specify the attribute from-image to account for metadata EXIF;
    - In javascript adds support for the new method Math.fround (), certain specifications EcmaScript 6;
    - Firefox will no longer gives confirmation form when using online AppCache;
    - IndexedDB can be used as a temporary storage facility, created without prompting the user and stores the data in a pool of fixed-size displacement is primarily the oldest items;
    - Speed ​​up the display of pages due to the termination of decoding the images do not fit into the current visible area;
    - When viewing individual images are now taken into account the parameters of orientation defined in the EXIF;
    - On Windows, if you install Mozilla Maintenance Service provided support for installing add-ons users do not have write access to the installation directory of Firefox;
    - For Windows XP users, providing support decoding format MP3;
    - Expansion of the functions of tools for web-developers: Support for the CSS pseudo-inspection mode pages.The debugger javascript implemented the ability to stop in case of unexpected exceptions.The web-console, improved tools for selecting text (solved the problem with the release of a few lines in the log). All instruments provided support zooming interface.Improved user interface for viewing the tree DOM. The Responsive Design View adds support for simulation of events from touch screens, fast creation of screenshots and precise size change.

    Mozilla Firefox 26.0 RC1

    Date: 2013
    Platform: Windows All
    Interface: Russian
    Activation: Freeware
    Size: 23.16 Mb

    Download: Mozilla Firefox 26.0 RC1

    Download Mozilla Firefox 26.0 RC1 for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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