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    Registry First Aid Standard 9.2.0 Build 2188

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    Registry First Aid Standard 9.2.0 Build 2188

    Registry First Aid - The program scans the registry for damaged or unnecessary entries (remaining after the removal of program), thereby providing faster performance of the computer and prevents crashes.The program automatically scans the registry and finds incorrect keys that you can remove or delete.Also, the utility searches for records and comparing them with the files on the disk, and if the entry is found corresponding to the file that has been moved to a different folder, the program will correct this entryRegister. The program has an option to back up and restore the registry in case the system fails, a multilingual interface, including Russian weak.

    Here are just some of the great features of Registry First Aid:
    • Easy to use step by step Wizard type interface.
    • Registry First Aid scans registry for orphan file / folder references.
    • Quickly finds these files or folders on your drives (if they're moved from initial locations).
    • Corrects registry entries to the located objects.
    • If your registry still retains links to files of deleted applications, Registry First Aid will find these invalid entries and help you to easily remove them.

    Changes in version 9.2.0 Build 2188:
    + Windows 8.1 compatibility;
    + RFA Registry Search: replace function is added: option to replace found strings with user entered values;
    + "Create_bugreport.bat" file is added into the program folder to simplify manual bug-report creation;
    * Some language updates;
    * Default value of "Show Scanned Path in Status Bar" is changed to OFF - this increases disk scan speed on SSD drives;
    * Full Backup Restore screen: synchronize setting check marks with backup selection;
    * Do not add icon to Start Menu group folder;
    + Filter dialog now have option to change it's transparency;
    + Command line parameter "/ fullscreen" to open the program at full screen;
    + Restore maximized / normal window state on starting;
    * On first error appearance show a message to reproduce the error in order to create a full bug-report, on next exception show "open bug-report?" dialog;
    * Registry Snapshots: avoid errors on clicking buttons when saving long undo / redo .reg files;
    + Error handling for loading / saving colors from settings; no error on loading colors from read-only files;
    - Bug with casual deleting registration information from settings if it was entered on a first program start;

    Registry First Aid Standard 9.2.0 Build 2188

    Graduation Year: 2013
    Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
    Interface language: Ml / Russian / English
    Activation: Key
    Size: 6.2 MB

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    Download Registry First Aid Standard 9.2.0 Build 2188 for Windows 7, 8, 10
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