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    ACDSee Pro 7.0 Build 138

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    ACDSee Pro 7.0 Build 138

    ACDSee Pro - Professional program for working with digital photos, which has more features designed for professional photographers.Supports more than 100 graphic file formats, you can work with RAW-image, automatically sort your photos on the parameters obtained from digital cameras, provides an effectivevisual method to add meta tags to images, and rapid batch processing of large quantities of pictures, including the RAW format.

    The product allows you to view, edit, organize, publish and archive folders of photos.In addition, support and processing RAW files, there are powerful tools, such as customizable folders and categories, quick editing features, visualmarkings and color management support for ICC and ICM profiles to meet all the needs of professional users. The product helps to simplify the process of digital photo processing from start to finish.

    Key features:
    - Quick view RAW images;
    - Enhanced support for RAW formats of digital cameras Nikon, Canon, Konica-Minolta, Olympus, Fuji, and Pentax;
    - Powerful processing RAW format gives the user full control over the images - with precision tools for correcting white balance, various defects, sharpness and noise;
    - Full color management support for ICC and ICM color profiles;
    - The possibility of visual marking to quickly sort and select the desired photos;
    - Integrated support for DNG (Digital Negative Specification) RAW format;
    - Editing party from thousands of photos from the simultaneous use of multiple functions;
    - Integrated IPTC support for interaction with PhotoShop Captions;
    - Watermarks on photos with graphics or text to reflect copyright and ownership rights - and the possibility of imposing certain photographs of business information;
    - Shadow / Highlight tool allows you to brighten only the dark areas of photos, shade --too bright or done something, and another simultaneously;
    - HTML album templates designed to meet the needs of professional users. They - can be configured by adding contact information, company logo, as well as other information - relevant to business users;
    - The possibility of quick editing make it easy to remove various distortions - Presence - a detailed user manual and training programs.

    ACDSee Pro 7:
    • Lighting and Contrast Enhancement. Photographers are able to rescue photos that are too light or too dark with ACDSee's patented LCE technology. This allows them to instantly lighten shadows and reduce highlights in one click, or adjust individual sliders to fine tune every aspect.
    • Nondestructive repair tool Users will now be introduced to the ability to nondestructively erase flaws, blemishes and other unwanted scripts with powerful Heal and Clone options. They can even copy and paste an adjustment - such as the removal of dust spots - onto multiple similar images.
    • Radial and Linear Gradient tools.Photographers can nondestructively apply a radial or linear gradient as they correct exposure, saturation, fill light, contrast, and clarity, to gradually progress outward from a center point orsubtly across a photo. They can also copy and paste settings from one photo to another or apply in batches, and blend multiple gradients for even more compelling results.
    • Nondestructive Sharpen / Blur brush. Photographers can utilize brushes to nondestructively blur or sharpen specific areas of images. They can choose their brush size and the amount of feathering, and add a linear or radial gradient to help achieve exactly the look they want.
    • Info Palette. Users can access key shooting information while working with their photos.The Info Palette will conveniently display a host of data alongside an image, including white balance, metering mode, exposure program, and whether the flash fired. Plus the ISO, fstop, shutter speed, exposure compensation, focal length, and more are all visible in one spot.
    • Copy and paste metadata. Users will be pleased at being able to save time by copying and pasting metadata on the fly, from one image to another. They can easily select among IPTC, GPS, and ACDSee metadata.
    • Secondary monitor support. The viewing real estate is now increased. With added support for a secondary monitor, users can see a large preview of any image they select during the review process, without missing a beat.

    ACDSee Pro 7.0 Build 138

    Graduation Year: 2013
    Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
    Interface languageEnglish
    Activation: Keymaker-CORE
    Size: 62.5 / 67 MB

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