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    Adobe Photoshop Elements 14.0 (x86 / x64)

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    Adobe Photoshop Elements 14.0 (x86 / x64)

    14 Adobe Photoshop Elements It allows you to edit images using the multi-function easy to use tools and show them in print, over the Internet, Facebook and many other ways.Live in the present, knowing that you can easily convert pictures of everyday life in a truly vibrant photos.

    Main features:
    • Easy and simple transforms photos
    • Use pan to achieve the full effect of presence. Tool "Panorama Photomerge» combines fills the jagged edges and stitches together multiple horizontal or vertical photos and creates the best panorama of what you just saw.
    • Goodbye, defects! Hello, ideal! Make teeth whiter and brighter than the sky with a single key combination. Remove unwanted elements of a single brushstroke, and uses intelligent correction tone with a parameter, which stores frequently used settings.
    • The perfect group shots. Now scowling appearance or closed eyes can not ruin a group photo. Tool "Group Shot Photomerge» makes it easy to combine the face and posture of a number of participants and group shots to create a single perfect photo.
    • A misaligned picture? This can be a quick fix. Alignment is instantaneous: the background is filled, as if by magic.
    • Move items like a real magician. Move the objects in the photos, and the background is full of itself.
    • Quickly turn photos into stunning illustration. Lots of excitement with a minimum of effort. Click to apply filters "Comics", "Graphic novel" and "Pen and Ink".
    • Stylish text, beautifully decorated layers. Enter text directly on your photos at any time adjust it. Select the type of fun to the poetic or business. Use subtle layers that allow you to see a fragment of a photo through another.
    • Creation and distribution
    • Share the love. Publish your photos to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and shared albums, and then view them on your smartphone or tablet. Share materials by e-mail: Simply send a link to a personal Web Gallery, so that access to content will be the only recipient.
    • Printing with a built-in capabilities to work with the Internet. Order prints, cards and photo albums through the Internet to discover new life to their creations. * Print foldable card to your local printer. (Services vary depending on the country.)
    • All of your materials at hand at any time
    • Let all the images will be smooth. Keep track of your photos by the people, places and events.
    • Look where it was. Live their journey again and again, through photos and videos on a map that shows where they are made. *
    • Looking for something specific? Rely on automated features to find your best photos and video clips or photographs, which depict certain things and people.

    • Creating optimal exposure. Do you want to photograph all the details of the captured scene, including light and dark areas? Perform one shot with flash, one without her, and a function Exposure Photomerge® combine these images into a single, perfectly lit photo.
    • Resize images without any distortion. Do you want to change the size or location of the photograph, to be placed in a certain frame? Now you can quickly resize images and even change the page orientation without distorting the main elements of these images: people and buildings.
    • Convenient centralized management of all abilities. Handy organizer allows you to combine photos and videos and plays the role of the control center for all the footage.Now you can easily search, view and manage their media data, and use the full range of possibilities for their creative process.
    • Quickly find your best photos. Now you do not need to open hundreds of photographs to choose the best. Take advantage of the automatic analyzer, which automatically mark up your footage to ymogli to find the most interesting and high-quality photos and videos.
    • Instant search of photographs of the right people. Due to the recognition of personalities that automatically recognizes people in the pictures, you can quickly find photos and videos, which show your friends or family.
    • zoom. Thanks to the full-screen preview to the organizer, you can quickly view and evaluate the photos and video clips; Now in this mode, you can also edit photos.
    • Elimination of defects and the creation of these masterpieces in seconds. Photo effects make the photographs teeth whiter, and the sky - bright blue.And now, when following one-step set of photos, including adjustment of light, contrast and brightness, you can quickly select the best score of the group preview.
    • Give a sense of freshness to their images. Experiment with new design elements and templates to give a new look to their print images.

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 14.0 (x86 / x64)

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    Platform / OS: Windows® 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 - 32bit / 64bit
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