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    Light Alloy 4.7.4 build 370 + Portable

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    Light Alloy 4.7.4 build 370 + Portable

    Light Alloy - Media Player for OS Windows. The program is easy to manage, but contains many additional settings and is suitable for both novice and advanced users. The player is small in size and optimized for quick launch and minimum load of the system.

    Key features:
    - A unique opportunity to play movies that do not go on many computers with built-in "curve" sound card.
    - Small size, fast loading.
    - Change the playback speed of a tenfold slowdown to double and acceleration.
    - Time on the control panel.
    - Change in screen size or aspect ratio, or without.
    - Setting up audio and video decoder (for the DivX - brightness, contrast, saturation).
    - A list of playable files (playlist).
    - Volume control on the panel.
    - Single view.
    - Preparation of screenshots from the video.
    - Drag-n-drop files to the player.

    Changes in version 4.7.4 build 219 RC 1
    • Official skin for audio mode.
    • Ability to define areas for viewing, not for admission to avtopromotke.
    • Settings-> Mouse: Option * regulators around the edges of the video frame *
    • Settings-> Codec: added HEVC / H.265.
    • Section "for the creators of" Help.
    • Settings-> Video: altered conditions of availability of certain options visualizers.
    • Completely overhauled search algorithm podgruzki and similar files.
    • Updated the built-in skins.
    • Fixed handling of playlists ASX format
    • do not work properly * command to clear the list of inaccessible files *.
    • Fixed scheduler option enabled * * Repeat the list.
    • Fixed: E132, E133, E135, E138, E139, E141, E143, E144, E145, E147, E153.
    • Fixed other minor bugs ...

    Video Engine:
    • Support for playback of RAW-streams (MPEG-1/2, H.264, VC-1).
    • Video Decoder: added experimental support HEVC / H.265 (hardware decoding is not supported)
    • Video Decoder: added support for VP9.
    • Video Decoder: added support for Microsoft Video 1 (CRAM), AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec).
    • AVI: added support for DV-video identifier CDVC.
    • FLV: support HEVC / H.265 (only with a decoder Lentoid HEVC Decoder).
    • MPEG: support HEVC / H.265
    • MPEG: AC3 support in .SFD (MPEG-PS) video files.
    • MPEG: Support Program Stream Map for MPEG-PS.
    • MKV: support HEVC / H.265
    • MKV: support VP9.
    • MP4: support HEVC / H.265
    • MP4: support for AIC.
    • RAW: added support HEVC-flows.
    • Video Decoder: various changes in the settings dialog.
    • Updated codecs module media information system modules.
    • Video Decoder: Fixed playback of H.264 streams in DXVA mode without time stamps.
    • Video Decoder: Fixed playback of MPEG-2 without a time stamp.
    • Video Decoder: Fixed artifacts when playing / rewinding a video in H.264 DXVA.
    • Video Decoder: Fixed an inverted image when using color space RGB32.
    • Video Decoder: Fixed crash when switching from one video stream to another mode DXVA1.
    • WASAPI Audio Renderer: was removed DirectSound-mode; eliminated the noise / interference and other minor fixes.
    • Fixed handling of AVC-header, sometimes causing it to hang.
    • DVD: fixed loading external audio.
    • DVD: Fixed output chapters in the index.
    • DVD: video not working the angles.
    • Do the batteries did not work transparency.
    • Fixed Mode option * VMR-9 mixer *.
    • Fixed pitch of the sound under acceleration, is now no distortion at different speeds.
    • TAK: various fixes.

    Light Alloy 4.7.4 build 370 + Portable

    Released : 2013
    Operating system : Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
    Interface : Multi / Russian
    Activation : not required
    Size of archive : 58.77 Mb / 55.66 Mb

    Download Light Alloy 4.7.4 build 370

    Download Light Alloy 4.7.4 build 370 Portable

    Download Light Alloy 4.7.4 build 370 + Portable for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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