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    Opera 32.0.1948.69 Stable

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    Opera 32.0.1948.69 Stable

    Opera - New stable version of the fast, customizable web browser from the company Opera Software, on the engine, Chromium and has a lot of updates, offering new features that improve security and stability.The program is packaged as a portable app, it leaves no trace behind on the used machines, so that you can take with you your browser. Supports update.

    What's new in Opera
    Today we are releasing update Opera.
    Your Internet security has always been our highest concern. We want to make another step forward, because we believe that privacy on the Web is a universal right.
    Recently, the team joined the family SurfEasy Opera, adding its VPN solution to our product lineup.
    What is a VPN? Well, imagine that the primary internet connection as sending postcards. Almost anyone can read it. You do not want someone to use your personal information, but you can never be sure that it is not.
    Using the VPN - it's like putting a postcard in the safe, which is then loaded into an armored truck, which is in a separate, specific tunnel.
    On computers SurfEasy VPN is available for Windows and Mac.


    The first thing you will notice a much simplified interface, integrated into the platform. We wanted to make your browser as natural as possible for the operating system - in the end, it's your most frequently used programs, in addition to the operating system.

    New express panel, which will allow more convenient to navigate visually in your favorite pages. Now you can group the cells in folders by dragging one to the other. If you wish, you can name a folder by clicking on it, right click and select Change caption.

    To add a page or expansion in the Express-panel, just click on the big plus. The same can be done directly on the page: just click on the icon Speed ​​Dial in the address bar, and it is highlighted, indicating that the page is added.

    If you're used to the old Classic View Express-panel display web pages - click the bottom right corner.
    If you have many cells in the Express-panel, you can find the top right to find: start typing the letters and sites at once Filter by coincidence.

    - Bookmarks
    Have you surf the web and find the page that I would like to read later, for example, the list of gadgets to compare anywhere in the Market or different hotels on Buckingham?Previously, it was a big problem and many hoarded dozens of tabs open, to get back to them later.Opera helps you to solve this problem, add the page to your bookmarks and come back to it when you have time. Just click the heart in the address bar on the page that you want to come back and heart highlighted, indicating that the page is added.

    In this section, to sort bookmarks by default features sections / folders: Unsorted Bookmarks, My folders, Create Folder, Reading List, Videos, Shopping, Travel, My common elements Panel bookmarks imported bookmarks

    - Recommendations
    References - another novelty Opera, which helps to find interesting and go directly to reading. You can set the country, language, and a list of interesting topics from the menu at the top right of the gears. By the time of launch, we already have 13 categories in 32 languages.

    - Awesome Bar
    Opera for computers combined address bar and search bar into one. Awesome Bar offers tips (they can be disabled in the settings), and multiple search providers to choose from.

    - Compression mode
    Just because you have a computer, not a mobile device that does not mean that you are always at hand sverhmegabitny channel.Maybe you're sitting with a dozen accidents on the same Wi-Fi point in the café, or try to catch the signal of 3G-modem on the roof garden.Turning compression mode from the main menu sends pages via a proxy server Opera, which significantly reduces the size of the page with the help of a cunning combination of compression of images, SPDY and othermagic. Please note that the painting is on the side of the browser, so the javascript works without problems. A secure connection (https) do not pass through our proxy.

    - Mouse Gestures
    One of the classic features Opera - mouse gestures, which help to control the browser via simple movements.Please note that the gestures are disabled by default on OS X, as this OS has a built-in gestures. You can also include the settings for an additional hot keys (like a lot of other interesting things).

    - Developers
    You can include a special menu with developer tools (Menu - Other Tools - Enable developer tools on Windows, or "View" menu on OS X) - there you will have to wait:Web Inspector (Opera Dragonfly debugger is in progress), the classical view the source code and a list of plugins installed in the browser. Web Inspector, you can call the usual hot keys: Cmd Alt I, or Ctrl Shift I, depending on your operating system, or by right-clicking "inspect element".

    - Extensions
    In connection with the transition to Chromium and completely rewritten interface, infrastructure extensions undergone great changes:starting with Opera 15 and then format extensions for Opera 11 and 12 is no longer supported (the old records on perepryatat Githabe) and we switch to the format extensions Chromium.At this point, Opera supports part of API extensions Chromium (more will be more) and our own API to Speed ​​Dial.

    If you are developing extensions for Chromium, do not forget to send them to our catalog! Developers extensions Evernote, Feedly, Disconnect, LastPass, WOT, Ghostery, AdblockPlus very steep cottonTracks already done so.

    If extensions Chromium is new to you, we have prepared several educational articles and related documentation according to API.We also have built an automatic converter to the new format in the directory interface for upstream developer extensions - all in order for you to make the transition to the new format as unobtrusively as possible.

    In Opera for computers not included e-mail client. Not all Opera users found it useful, therefore, to simplify the interface and even less influence on the entire code, we decided to separate the e-mail client in a separate product Opera Mail.

    - Designed for discovery
    It's not all fun, there is a new version of Opera for computers, for a new attractive and user-friendly interface hides a lot of other possibilities.Look around, look at the settings:You can disable cookies, pop-ups, plug-ins for hotel site, including the title «Do Not Track», disable various settings to optimize the speed, if you are suddenly in the way.We hope that you enjoy discovering new possibilities and maybe they will inspire you to write your own, with the help of extensions.

    Synchronize Opera
    We are working to improve the synchronization and integration of data with the next generation of browsers. All data that you have synchronized with Opera 12, are still available via the web interface Opera Link.
    Log on to the website under the personal account Opera, you get access to synchronized sites on Speed ​​Dial (the button Tab) or through the main menu - synchronization.

    Installing and updating.
    1. Unpack the archive in the selected directory, and browser ready krabote.
    2. The easiest and fastest way to update the conservation of all bookmarks, Speed ​​Dial, passwords and so on. Move / copy the Data folder and Profile of the previous version of the folder with the new program. The new version does not.

    Opera 32.0.1948.69 Stable

    Platform: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
    Multilingual interface: (English, Russian, etc.)
    Activation not required
    Size: 32,91 Mb

    Download Opera 32.0.1948.69

    Download Opera 32.0.1948.69 Stable for Windows 7, 8, 10
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