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    Far Manager v.3.0 build 3713

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    Far Manager v.3.0 build 3713

    Far manager (x86 / 64) - Free file manager with support for Unicode.
    It has a perfect interface for working with file systems (real and emulated) and files.
    Far manager correctly copes with Russian characters, understands long file names (and there transcoder win-koi-iso). Put FTP - client, even setting up panels to your liking.

    Viewing networks coloring files, advanced control system with hot keys there is a very sensitive set of plug-ins that enhance the ability of the program - these are just some of the great abilities of the file manager.

    Probabilities of FAR Manager is greatly enhanced thanks to plug-ins for different purposes:
    - Management of the printer as connected to the PC and the network;
    - Syntax highlighting in program source texts;
    - Work with FTP-servers (including access through proxy, automatic resume and so on);
    - It works with SFTP-servers (plug WinSCP);
    - Search and replace in many files at the same time, using regular expressions;
    - Renaming groups of files with support for complex compound masks consisting of substitution symbols and templates;
    - NNTP / SMTP / POP3 / IMAP4 clients and sending messages to a pager;
    - It works with non-standard screen size of the text;
    - Conversion of texts taking into account the national character sets;
    - Manipulation of the contents of the basket;
    - Prioritization process on a local or networked PC;
    - Completion of words in the editor and work with templates;
    - Editing the Registry Windows;
    - Create and edit shortcuts Windows;
    - All kinds of manipulations with files and text, making it more comfortable to work with fidonetovskimi materials;
    - Encoding and Decoding UUE file format;
    - Symmetric and asymmetric encryption of files;
    - Management of the program Winamp and modification of MP3-tags;
    - View and edit the contents of the resources of the various games;
    - Work with a variety of servers via ODBC + with Oracle through OCI;
    - Service Management RAS;
    - Launch external programs (compilers, converters, and so on.) While editing text in the editor FAR;
    - Displays the contents of Help files Windows (.hlp and .chm);
    - Calculators with different possibilities;
    a variety of games;
    - Spell checker functions while editing text in the editor FAR;
    - Work with files, disk images for the ZX Spectrum and nk Vector-06C;
    - Removable drives catalog preparation and much more.
    - Calculation and CRC check and cryptographic hash values ​​of files (SHA-1; SHA-2; Whirlpool and others).

    Key improvements and changes
    1. M # 2208: Remember in which folder the command is run (from fml2)

    Updated: 11/16/2013
    Eng. Language: There is
    Size: 15.70 Mb
    Price: Free
    OS: XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1

    Far Manager v.3.0 build 3713

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    Download Far Manager v.3.0 build 3713 for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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