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    Comodo AntiVirus Free 2013 v.6.3.301250.2972 (ML / 2013)

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    Comodo AntiVirus Free 2013 v.6.3.301250.2972 (ML / 2013)

    Free Antivirus - Comodo AntiVirus It has a comprehensive tool to protect against viruses, worms other malware.
    Monitor all running processes and their relationships, prevention of infection, check incoming and outgoing mail, constant monitoring of RAM and blocking worms, on-demand scanning, it's all a cover AntiVirus Comodo.

    Also, the Comodo Antivirus works with network and removable media.Comodo Antivirus can put a virus in a quarantine folder, then the user by pressing the appropriate button, learns how many more found infected with this virus.Comodo Antivirus has the functionality of the paid antivirus programs - detects and removes all known viruses, Trojans, Internet worms from your computer, and the program is absolutely free.

    The main components of Comodo Antivirus
    • Free Antivirus
    • Free antispyware
    • behavior blocker
    • System HIPS
    • Automatic sandpit
    • Virtual Stand
    • Comodo Secure DNS
    • Rescue Disk Cleaning
    • Comodo Cleaning Essentials
    • Process Manager
    • Web browser Comodo Dragon

    Main features of Comodo AntiVirus:
    • Advanced heuristic analysis and proactive protection intercepts unknown viruses.
    • Protection of the real-time monitoring of processes and the scanner as required.
    • Blocks Internet worms before they start their action.
    • E-mail Scanning.
    • Equipped with a built-in proactive protection from viruses / trojans
    • Automatic daily virus database updates.

    Comodo AntiVirus does the following:
    • Detects and eliminates viruses from desktop and network
    • Permanently protects in real time from the scanning system
    • Conducts heuristic analysis, and does not allow the invasion of unknown viruses
    • Detects malware before it can be launched
    • Daily updates the anti-virus database
    • Easy to use, on the principle of "set and forget"

    Anti Komodo contains in its structure the following functions:
    • Defense + Detection Technology
    • Anti-Virus, with the possibility of a scheduled inspection schedule
    • Convenient slider for fast and easy change of security settings
    • Sandbox, to run applications in an isolated environment
    • No effect on system performance
    • Free for home use

    Behavioral blocker
    - Check the integrity of every program before allowing it to load into memory the computer;
    - Perform a "cloud" Behavior Analysis for immediate detection of malicious -program;
    - Alerts you every time an unknown or unreliable application tries to run or install;
    - Blocks viruses, trojans and spyware before they can gain access to your system;
    - Prevents unauthorized changes to critical system files and registry entries Windows;
    - Includes auto-sandbox, which completely isolates untrusted files from the rest of the computer

    Intrusion prevention HIPS
    - Virtually impenetrable protection against rootkits, introduction of processes, keyloggers and other threats "zero day".
    - Free Antivirus Comodo controls the activity of all applications and processes on your computer and lets you run files and processes if they comply with the prevailing safety regulations.
    - Blocks the activity of malicious programs by halting any action that may cause damage to the operating system, system memory, registry or personal data.
    - Allows experienced users to increase security measures due to the rapid creation of custom policies and rule sets with an intuitive interface and powerful rules.

    The virtual kiosk
    -Virtualnaya Wednesday "sandbox" for launching programs and surfing the Internet, separately from your real computer. Applications and Web Rauzer work inside a booth, leaving no cookies or history in the real system, making it a safe environment for online banking and online shopping.
    - Prevents the installation of malicious Web sites viruses, rootkits and spyware on your computer and provides protection against hacking.
    - Includes a virtual keyboard that allows the user to safely enter credit card numbers and passwords, without fear of programs for data logger (keylogger).
    - Virtual booth at Free Antivirus Comodo allows experienced users to run the beta-version software in an isolated environment that does not disrupt the stability, or the file structure of the real system.

    Expanded description of the functions:
    • Protection against viruses and malware - Comodo Antivirus will protect your system from viruses, worms, advertising, spyware, Trojans and rootkits, as well as all other types of malicious programs.
    • Comprehensive protection from viruses - Komodo protects the system no matter what you use at work.You can write e-mails, chat on live chat, visit the online store, download files or play online games. In case of accidental contact with scam sites, antivirus Comodo Antivirus will protect you from identity theft.
    Technology • Defense + - technology Defense +, which antivirus Komodo uses in his work, automatically protects the system startup files from untrusted sources.The technology contains two functions: a sandbox and auto ban malware. This allows you to not only treat the detected threats, but also effective in preventing infection.
    • Auto Sandbox - Automatic function to avoid entanglement sandpit users when running untrusted programs. Everyone is familiar with many pop-up messages.There is no need to make decisions about the launch of a program in an isolated environment. Suspicious antivirus software Komodo launch automatically been isolated from the system.
    • Ease of use - Comodo antivirus incorporates a simple and user-friendly interface. You only need to install and forget: the protection is automatic.
    • Easy Slider - Comodo Antivirus contains a handy slider to quickly change the program settings. Quick change security settings possible with the new slider settings.
    • Productivity - like all new antivirus software, Comodo Antivirus has a minimal impact on the system that allows the use of anti-virus on computers with low productivity.

    Key improvements and changes
    - Fixed: Error 0xc0000018 BSOD (blue screen of death) by accident occurring during a clean boot in Windows 8.1 x64

    Interface language: ML / RUS
    Date of issue: 2013
    Platform: XP / 2003 / Vista / 7/8/8/1
    Activation: Free
    Of. site:
    Size: 197.81 Mb

    Comodo AntiVirus Free 2013 v.6.3.301250.2972 (ML / 2013)

    Download Comodo AntiVirus Free 2013 v.6.3.301250.2972 (ML / 2013)

    Download Comodo AntiVirus Free 2013 v.6.3.301250.2972 (ML / 2013) for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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