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    XWidget + Portable

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    XWidget + Portable

    XWidget - A platform to personalize and optimize the desktop by installing animated widgets.Changes in the appearance and functionality of your Windows desktop by installing a special mini-applications.XWidget is an analog Dashboard (part of the system interface MacOS X) and can completely replace the system of Windows 7 gadgets.The program has a built-in editor, with which you can edit the already existing widgets or create new ones. For XWidget created quite a lot of high-quality ready-made applications, some of which are included in the installation package. All widgets have a highly customizable.

    A new solution to optimize working space with widgets, a huge number of settings, make this program more advanced than their competitors.Easy to setup, you do not have to edit the code of the widget, as is done in Rainmeter, as everything is done through the interface Xwidget. You can change any widget for themselves.Create your widget wizard editor widgets. Choosing widgets for additional installation. Present themes. Simply drag and manipulation of widgets allows you to position the widget bar to your preference.

    quite a lot of ready-made good custom widgets (more than a dozen enters distibutiv);
    User-friendly graphical interface for configuring and adding widgets;
    Widgets built-in editor that allows you to not only edit existing widgets and create your own;
    low consumption of system resources.
    a beautiful and user-friendly interface management
    preservation of the whole set of widgets for use with a specific theme

    About Portable:
    The portable version of the program presented by the developer works without installation on your computer.

    Changes in version

    Fixed: old WidgetPackage / ThemePackage Ext can not support problom
    Fixed: Some weather tags not support problom
    Add: XWDesigner Android mode support Rotatoer / NumbImg Controls, Battery Core
    Add: XWDesigner Android mode hotspots can not display preview color problom
    Add: AccuWeatherCore tags add "simpleWeatherIcon", only need 8 kind of icon: sun, cloudy, fog, rain, lightning, snow, moon, moon_cloudy
    Some bugs fixed
    Improved stability

    XWidget + Portable

    XWidget + Portable

    Operating system : Microsoft Windows XP | Vista | 7 | 8
    Version :
    Interface language: Multi / Russian
    Treatment : not required
    Size : 8.85 Mb / 12.45 Mb

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    Download XWidget Portable

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