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    Start Menu X Pro 5.00

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    Start Menu X Pro 5.00

    Start Menu X Pro - A replacement of the system menu for professionals. Compatible with Windows 8.1.Experienced users are much more demanding, because they do not have 10 programs and hundreds! And that means we need a solution that is designed by professionals for professionals. Learn how to easily find and run the program without scrolling, no extra clicks and movements - with the program Start Menu H.

    Program features:
    • Save position programs and folders on the menu
    • Easy and quick size change "Start" menu
    • Use tabs for easy menu navigation
    • Highlighting newly installed programs
    • Increase the size of the content menu with hot keys (if you are visually impaired)
    • Move the menu at any place on the desktop or the screen a second monitor
    • Fast shutdown and restart the computer using the keyboard shortcuts
    • Convenient function scroll through the list of programs
    • Quick start programs by using the keyboard
    • Running programs from the command line directly from StartMenuX
    • Quick search for files on your PC and the information on the Internet
    • Do not replace / modifies system files and system settings

    Characterized in that:
    • Convenient. The interface is specially designed for storage and human-readable information
    • Allows you to quickly launch programs using the keyboard
    • Also quick search in Google, clicked windows typed text, ctrl + enter and got the result
    • When you install new programs, trying to stay on the ground and they do not need to re-look
    • Faster turn off, restart, etc. PC
    • zoom. Poor see the fine print? Click the (+) and get a larger menu.

    Benefits versions PRO:
    Starting with a single click!
    Purpose of the main program to any folder and launch it after a simple click on the folder.
    Changes in the structure and the addition of tabs.
    Managing virtual teams.
    Sort files by name

    Start Menu X Pro 5.00

    Date: 2013
    Platform: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1!
    Interface: English / Multi / Russian
    Activation: Reg File
    Size: 13.24 Mb

    Download: Start Menu X Pro 5.00

    Download Start Menu X Pro 5.00 for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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