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    Mozilla Firefox v. 26.0 beta 4 (ML / 2013)

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    Mozilla Firefox v. 26.0 beta 4 (ML / 2013)

    Mozilla Firefox - For all the statistics favorite among browsers in RuNet. The most scalable and flexible customizable - Thousands of add-ons will make it possible to get from Firefox that you specifically want.
    The latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser updated engine - improved reflection property pages has increased the speed of their downloads, comparable with the standards.

    The main features of Firefox 26.0 b4
    * The search string caused by Ctrl + F, now works at the level of the individual tabs, ie Last entry is stored for each tab individually, and do not use a single buffer for all of the tabs;
    * If the browser has not been run for several months, the user will form a proposal to move the story work and settings from other browsers;
    * Initiate reset Firefox no longer clears the current session;
    * Ability to set the contents of the current block iframe (inline), without downloading additional files. Content is indicated by a new attribute iframe srcdoc = "";
    * Support for Web Audio API, which allows to dynamically generate web-applications in different spatial sound effects and mix multiple sound sources placed in virtualdifferent points in space. The new API allows you to create powerful web-applications for audio processing and, in conjunction with the canvas 2D and WebGL 3D, provide a modern sound design for games, made only using the web-based technologies;
    * Support for CSS3-properties background-attachment: local control for scrolling background;
    * Implemented a series of new features from the ECMAScript specification 6: Number.parseInt, Number.parseFloat, Array.from, Array.of, Map # forEach, Set # forEach, and a new set of mathematical functions: Math.log10 (), Math.log2 (), Math.log1p (), Math.expm1 (), Math.cosh (), Math.sinh (), Math.tanh (), Math.acosh (), Math.asinh ( ), Math.atanh (), Math.hypot (), Math.trunc (), Math.sign () and Math.cbrt ();

    Languages: Rus
    Size: 23.15 MB
    Systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 /8.1
    License: Freeware

    Mozilla Firefox v. 26.0 beta 4 (ML / 2013)

    Download Mozilla Firefox v.26.0 beta 4 (ML / 2013)

    Download Mozilla Firefox v. 26.0 beta 4 (ML / 2013) for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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