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    Aciqra 2.3.3

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    Aciqra 2.3.3

    Aciqra - Includes virtual planetarium and sky map.The program will be useful both to people looking at the sky on a regular basis, to determine at what point in the moment are the objects of interest, and beginners who are just curious, what kind of starNow shines on it. It is able to keep track of celestial bodies, including planets, deep sky objects and stars to within a fraction of a degree for thousands of years into the future and the past.

    The program has the ability to monitor about 120,000 stars and constellations, 8 planets, all 109 Messier objects, the sun and moon from anywhere on Earth with an accuracy of up to 1 degree over the next 50 years.

    Aciqra also includes a set of built-in tools "widgets," which include the viewing of the solar system, the eclipse / predictor transit communication path, and so on. motion of the stars, the planets can be viewed in the dynamics, you can set an accelerated mode, and so forth.

    Tycho-2 star catalog, containing 2.5 million stars
    Full NGC and IC catalogs w / 13000 deep space objects
    The interface is designed to improve the effectiveness
    Correction for atmospheric refraction
    Night Vision mode - toggles the display of a red light for use at night
    The amendment to the nutation and precession
    The calculation of the proper motions of stars
    Selecting objects to show details
    The boundaries of the constellations
    Save the current view as an image
    Angle Indicator (simulates the view from the eyepiece)
    Tracking comets and asteroids
    simulation of the Earth's shadow and the penumbra of the Lunar Eclipse
    The new version of the search and the loader
    Property Search to quickly find objects of interest

    Changes in version 2.3.3
    Fixed memory leak when selecting objects
    New plugin system of tools

    Aciqra 2.3.3

    Date of: 2013
    Operating system: A Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Win 7/8
    Enabling | Reg. code: not required
    Interface language: British
    Size: 54,52 Mb

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