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    COMODO cCloud

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    COMODO cCloud

    COMODO Cloud client with which you can easily upload files to a secure storage CCloud, a similar service Microsoft SkyDrive.You can access your data anytime, anywhere via an intuitive web-site, or a simple-to-use client COMODO Cloud, being sure that they can notinfected. Keep your important files to a secure online storage. Your data is securely encrypted during the process of loading / unloading and during storage on servers. No one but you will never be able to access or intercept files.

    If you need to quickly copy some files from your repository, simply drag them to the Drop Zone and all. Drop Zone appears whenever you start to drag and drop files, and can also receive snippets of text, web links and bookmarks.

    Features :
    Watch and listen to videos and music in a pleasure spot.
    You can listen to music and watch videos from any media player, not just connect your repository, select the media files and right-click to play.
    If you need to synchronize your data, simply right-click on the folder and select Sync with Cloud. You may also use your personal Internet Folder Sync, which automatically synchronizes the data on all the computers where you log in with the client COMODO Cloud.
    Text can be saved directly into your account COMODO Cloud. Just select the text and then place it in the drop zone. This information is automatically stored in a text file.
    COMODO Cloud allows you to store pictures, video and audio files directly from your mobile device to your account COMODO Cloud. Get quick access to all your files through the Internet CCloud for Android and IOS. Simply download the free application from Google Play (Android Market) or the App Store.

    NOTE : In order to use the application, account must be created.

    COMODO cCloud

    Platform : Windows Vista / 7
    Interface : ML / Russian
    Activation : not necessary
    Size : 16.99 Mb

    Download COMODO cCloud

    Download COMODO cCloud for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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