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    Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro

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    Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro

    Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro - Professional HD-video editor, contains everything you need for editing and processing of your home videos.The program includes all necessary functions for editing, cutting to the desired size of video files and merge several video scenes. Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro must be stepped pattern that safely provodёt you from start to finish and is easy to help achieve the desired result.

    Cutting and cropping your video to the desired size
    Shortening scenes or complete cutting and getting rid of unwanted advertising.

    Merge multiple scenes together using transitions
    Get continuous picture with the help of smooth transitions between scenes and add cinematic depth to your movies.

    Introduce your point of view by means of superimposed text
    Make sure that, with the help of animated messages, your audience does not miss an important point.

    Play with light and sound
    Use the precise controls to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation. Add background music and adjust the volume. Use clever effects such as Sepia, to add even more depth.

    Receive and publish your own masterpiece
    After you finish editing, create your own CD with video directly in Ashampoo Movie Studio and share your movie with friends and loved ones.

    - An intuitive wizard-driven interface
    Video Editor: Cutting, trimming and convert, adjust brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation, and sharpness, rotation and reflection, adjustment / sound normalization
    Video effects: Grayscale, Sepia, Invert Colors, old film
    Transitions: Blackout, circular overlay offset downward displacement to the left, right shift, the shift up Whiteout
    - Fully animated titers authors at the beginning and end of the film
    - Customizable text labels (text, font, size, color) with the effects of appearance / disappearance
    - Background music: Setting the length and location
    - Tools to remove ads
    - Video Converter
    Unlockable formats: * .263, * .264, * .ASF, * .ASX, * .AVI, H261, * .H263, * .H264, * .M1V, * .M2T, * .M2V, * .MP2V, * .MPA, * .MPE, * .MPEG, * .MPEGTS, * .MPG, * .MPV2, * .VC1, .WEBM, * .WMV, * .WMX, * .WTV, * .WXV
    Saving format: AVI, WMV, MPG
    Export Movie: AVI, MPEG-2, WMV, DVD, Blu-ray

    Made for professionals, Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro delivers the highest quality in picture and sound.

    * Captivate your audience with crystal clear high definition video
    * Create immersive movie experiences with enveloping Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound
    * Edit your movies to perfection with professional scene transitions and templates

    As sharp as reality
    Highly efficient video compression technology ensures picture quality will not suffer over compact file size. Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro imports high definition MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 as well as H264 and exports to MP4, M4V and MKV for sharp and crisp images.
    Enveloping audio
    Do not just see it, feel it! Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro uses Dolby Digital audio technology for rich and vibrant surround sound that puts viewers right into your scenes.
    Edit to perfection
    From cutting and trimming to scene transitions, Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro makes perfect editing perfectly simple. Adjust brightness, contrast and saturation, add background music and normalize volumes. Blend scenes seamlessly together and add subtlety through effects such as Sepia.

    Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro - Professional HD video editing with Dolby Digital audio technology for your videos.

    Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro

    Graduation Year: 2013
    Platform: Windows® 8 / XP / Vista / 7
    Interface language: Multilingual + Russian
    Activation: Cracked-dll
    File size: 222.15 MB

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