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    FWsim Pro

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    FWsim Pro

    FWsim - Professional software for modeling and design of virtual fireworks used as the editor of powerful effects for companies and pyrotechnics.FWsim Pro was developed in collaboration with several companies, and is under active development.The editor includes various modules (sound effects feyerverkok, graffiti, and show the effects of the individual with the company logo and custom text, support for multiple monitors, etc.). FWsim Pro pyrotechnics used in France, South Korea, Brazil and other countries. Among the company's customers - Royal Salute (Losser, Netherlands), DreamFire ​​(Innsbruck, Austria), Pyrotechnik Erbe (Barchfeld, Germany), Zauberfeuerwerk (Filderstadt, Germany) ...

    It simulates as consumer fireworks and professional
    -237 Special effects fireworks is already included!
    - Redaktorovanie effect fireworks without limitation combine simple parts to build any of the fireworks one could imagine.
    - High-quality 3D rendering with glow effect and ground lighting
    - Fireworks - Editor with multiple lines shooting in all directions
    - Pre-programmed camera movement
    - Realistic physics and realistic scaling
    - Realistic sounds recorded in stereo
    - Automatic change of sound and stereo sound.
    - HD - Video export is compatible with YouTube
    - Professional Edition, designed for companies that create fireworks, offers shooting, export plan, support for multiple monitors and more.

    With FWsim, you can build dozens of different, realistic fireworks, including:
    - Shells
    - Mines
    - Wheels -Catherine
    - Roman candles
    - Fountains
    - Climbing - Effects
    - Shells - Multibreak
    - Shell - shells
    - Crisp
    - Peonies and pestle
    - Palm trees, chrysanthemums
    - Waterfall - shells
    - Tigertails with any color
    - Heart Cases
    - Ring Shells
    - Nuclear - Pattern
    - Strobe - stars
    - First Cases

    FWsim Pro

    Released: 2013
    Platform: Windows® XP / Vista / 7/8
    Interface language: English
    Activation: there is
    Size: 37.13 Mb

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