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    Ace Stream Media 2.1.9

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    Ace Stream Media 2.1.9

    ACE Stream - The new name of the famous program Torrent Stream, unique in its kind multimedia platform that uses the technology in its core P2P (based on the protocol BitTorrent), which allowsuser to play the real-time multimedia content on any sites containing torrent links without having to install P2P client, and download the files themselves torrent,carried out in the format FullHD webcast, play movies on popular video hosting sites (such as YouTube) and more.

    Features that are available to users Ace Stream

    1. AVoD (Audio & Video on Demand)

    Online playback of video and audio content on the protocol BitTorrent.

    Note: No need to pre-download huge files to view Full HD video or listen to audio Lossless formats!Ace Stream allows you to enjoy playing online audiovisual content of the best quality in all the most popular and widespread formats.

    Playback can be carried out by means of convenient transport files and URI-schemes, as in the desktop player / applications, as well as directly in the web player on any of the sites that have the support of technology Ace Stream.

    Supported transport files and URI-schemes / protocols:

    Files: .torrent, .acestream, .tstream.
    URI-scheme: magnet-links (currently not supported), acestream-links (analogue magnet), Content ID - Search and launch a video / audio stream via the Content ID system Ace Stream.

    2. Live Stream («live» / streaming)

    Create and view live broadcasts via P2P-networks.

    A new innovative feature «Live Stream» allows high quality live broadcast on the Internet in the format Full HD, without the need of servers and content to attract expensive standard operators CDN.

    Note: Creating a Live-broadcasts, their views, as well as live broadcasts of the exchange are now becoming as accessible and convenient as using the usual torrent files and magnet-links, and even a lot easier!

    3. Conversion of BitTorrent-tracker online Cinema

    Solutions and products based on Ace Stream allows one-click to start playing online video and audio content on any website containing links to torrent files, without having to download torrent files and without waiting to load the content.

    Note: This feature is provided by the product of TS Magic Player and / or for the account of all possible integration of different applications and Internet services through Ace Stream API, includingand through the integration of BitTorrent-tracker system with Torrent Stream (Torrent Stream - a system of legalization content on peer networks).

    4. BitTorrent accelerator (HTTP accelerator current)

    Playing on popular video hosting viderolikov, with the support of the protocol BitTorrent (eg on YouTube).

    Each user gets when playing clips video stream not only from one of the remote servers, video hosting, but also additionally from all users who are watching or have watched this video.

    Using «BitTorrent accelerator" you are helping other people, and others to help you, and all with a maximum speed of lecture video stream!

    Note: It will work on all video hosting sites, which include support for technologies Ace Stream, or through the use of extensions to web browsers (example of this expansion: P2P YouTube).

    5. The ability to use any of the players and the media center for playing online content

    Members Ace Stream are not restricted to any one player and can be used to play any content players and media centers, which includes support for Ace Stream.

    Note: Support for the use made by Ace Stream API, and can be implemented directly in the player or media center, and through the various additional products (for example: via plugins / extensions to the players and the media center).

    6. Easy system of publication, exchange and receipt media

    No more need to use a variety of file storage, and other video hosting. Web services, to demonstrate the recorded video or to create a live broadcast on the Internet.You do not have anywhere to load video files and tiring hours of waiting their friends, relatives and others. People until they are able to see this.A couple of clicks and a few seconds of your video and audio files as well as your live broadcast will be available to other users Ace Stream for online play.

    Note: All publications, exchange and receipt media is decentralized, through the protocol BitTorrent!

    You will be able to:
    Post http-links and acestream-links (analogue magnet-links) or identifiers of content (Content ID) and share them any way you like.
    Placing Web players with their translations / impressions on the pages of websites (social. Networks, forums, blogs, etc.)
    Create personal channels with the live broadcast in P2P-networks.
    Personalize the appearance of web pages with the player and each player for your release or live broadcasts, creating for them individually themed and expanding their social component.

    Set privacy settings for published content:
    "Private» - VoD and broadcast live intended for personal use only.
    "In the Family" - access for persons belonging to the circle of your family (through the social. Networks).
    "Confidential" - the opening of personal access to user-defined entities.
    "Group" - for all participants who are in one group or another in social networks.
    "Public" - for all users of Ace Stream.
    "Business" - access for a fee (monthly subscription or a one-off access).

    Protect your content (video / audio files and live broadcasts) from unauthorized viewing and distribution.

    Note: Content protection system Ace Stream allows you to use all the advantages and opportunities in the implementation of the BitTorrent protocol private or commercial hits / broadcasts.

    For the modes "Group" and "Public" provides an opportunity to monetize content by advertising impressions and / or receive incentive bonuses / buns for popular non-commercial broadcast / video (analog of YouTube, BitTorrent-only network).

    7. The function «Turbo Stream» (no analogues in the world!)

    Service function for Premium members Ace Stream

    Two modes:
    1. Gold Seeding - guaranteed video / audio stream while playing online content through torrent files and magnet-links, regardless of the number of peers and their rate of return.This feature also provides immediate start playback starts (minimum time for pre-buffering), and instant response when rewinding.

    2. Silver Seeding - depends on the rate of return oxides, but can significantly improve the speed start start playing and to ensure an immediate response when rewinding.In addition, this mode provides maximum smooth-viewing, eliminating the root causes of problems P2P, due to which there may be a delay when playing (stop buffering).

    Note:Given that the function «Turbo Stream» not only provides end-users the best opportunity, but also allows Internet service providers to use this server solutioneffective localization of external / foreign BitTorrent traffic (over 90%), it is likely that the service will be supported directly and your ISP.In such a case, no matter what site / BitTorrent-tracker you're using for torrents / magnet-links, you always download will go to the highest-rate available for yourInternet channel on the local network. And of course, support this function directly to the ISP will be a huge advantage for those users who have a separation of traffic on the local and external / foreign.

    8. Ace Stream Cloud

    Cloud service that is unparalleled in the world! ("Cloud" is not quite correct formulation, but given what is now called "clouds", most will understand the essence and purpose of the service).

    The ability to play online video and audio content via torrents and magnet-links, without the need for P2P-client. When using «Ace Stream Cloud», the user receives the data / stream through HTTP on a remote server

    Supported formats of transport files: torrent, acestream, acelive, tstream.

    Also supported: magnet-links, acestream-links and Content ID (content ID system Ace Stream)

    The main feature and unique service - replacement / transformation of P2P-traffic on HTTP / HTTPS will take place on the fly! (i.e., changing data transmission protocols will be implemented immediately, in real time, without having to wait for the download data to a cloud service).

    Note: Important for users who want to watch videos and listen to audio released via the BitTorrent-network, but who have difficulty using the P2P-client (for example: the provider cuts P2P-traffic, no P2P-client for used OC; etc. .d.).

    This feature may be available to you, not only from our cloud services, but also directly from your Internet service provider, as used server solution is also part of the complexsolution providers, providing maximum localization of external / foreign BitTorrent traffic. Actually, using our software, this service can be arranged by anyone, both within the whole Internet space, as well as on the local network.

    Ace Stream Media 2.1.9

    Graduation Year: 2013
    Operating system : Windows® 8 / XP / Vista / 7
    Interface language: English Russian
    Activation : Not necessary
    Size : 56.36 Mb

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