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    SugarSync a program that allows you to backup and synchronize files between two or more computers or mobile devices.Free version provides up to 5 GB of storage space in the cloud. The program creates a special folder on your computer and automatically synchronizes all files that you place in it.

    SugarSync available for PC, MAC and mobile devices based on OS Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc. Mobile version of the application also includes a convenient backup feature photos that can be automatically synchronized with the mobile pictures on your PC.

    The main advantages of SugarSync:

    - 5 GB of free cloud space;
    - Synchronization of any folders on your computer;
    - Flexible configuration synchronization;
    - High functionality


    Unlike other services, it is immediately noticeable absence of a single folder for synchronization. More specifically there is similar to that on behalf of My Sugarsync - located in the folder "My Documents". It is possible to place any files, and they will be synchronized between all your devices.

    But the main advantage of SugarSync over its competitors is the ability to sync any folder on your computer. Now you no longer need to store all the files in the same folder as in the case of other services. For some, such a possibility can be decisive when choosing a data synchronization service.

    Another feature of the program - the manager of synchronized folders. It allows you to flexibly configure the synchronization between folders on different computers that have installed SugarSync.

    For example, you have three computers: work, home, and a netbook.With the Sync Manager you can set the sync documents between home and work computers, and for photos to link a home computer and a netbook.This is done by simply dragging icons required folders on other computers. I'm sure you'll be able to find the use of this function to their advantage.

    Of course you can give to any public access folder, and share it with your friends. After you select the Share Folder, open the web browser, where you specify the email addresses of people to whom you want to grant access to the folder.

    It should be noted that the share folders in two ways: simply share a folder or photo album to share.In the first case, the one who received a link to a folder, you will need to register to get access to it.If you share a folder as a photo album, then the recipient of links do not need to register in the system, you can view the photos in the browser. In the context menu, the item called Share as Photo Album. It will be available only if there is a photo in the folder.


    Graduation Year: 2013
    Operating system : Windows® XP | Vista | 7 | 8
    Interface language: english
    Activation : not required
    Size : 20.31 Mb

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