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    Unified Color HDR Expose 3.0.3 build 10714

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    Unified Color HDR Expose 3.0.3 build 10714

    Unified Color HDR Expose - A program for creating and processing HDR-images, which replaced the HDR PhotoStudio, inheriting its basic features and technology.Developers have to work hard to update the interface, making it intuitive, we added new features, improved being combined with the Lightroom export plug-in as and others.HDR Expose ™ works with a precision 32-bit floating point automatically combines multiple exposures into a single HDR image.It allows you to adjust color, brightness and contrast while maintaining a full 32-bit process without Tone Mapping. It produces crisp photo-realistic HDR images without ghosting and color changes. The package includes a stand-alone application and export plugin for Adobe ® Lightroom ®.

    HDR Expose ™ is a high dynamic range digital photography application for Mac and Windows that works in 32-bit floating point precision. Automatically merge multiple exposures into one HDR image.Adjust color, brightness and contrast while maintaining a full 32-bit workflow without tone mapping. Produces crisp, photo-realistic HDR photography without halos or color shifts. Package includes standalone application and export plug-ins for Adobe® Lightroom® and Apple Aperture®.

    HDR Expose - Basic functions
    • Includes a stand-alone application, as well as plug-ins for Aperture and Adobe Lightroom
    • Cross-platform design for Windows and Macintosh
    • Full support for 64-bit computing architecture (x64) on Mac and Windows.
    • HDR image brightness histogram with a visible indicator of the range and the digital readout for RGB and Bch values
    • Based on a unified color model patented Beyond RGB Color ™, allowing you to change the tone without discoloration or ghosting
    • Dynamic workflow management with "HDR Image Tools" sidebar
    • Adjust HDR tonal range with Brightness / Contrast, Local Contrast, Shadow / Highlight and Veiling glare correction tools
    • Adjust HDR color with white balance, saturation, and color sampling Tuning
    • Most classes halo reduction algorithms
    • Run the sharpness and noise reduction to 32-bit images
    • One-click tool dynamic range cards
    • Save your favorite settings as presets
    • Save your favorite recipes as the processing steps to be applied to other images
    • Supports multiple open images via a tabbed interface documents
    • refine the parameters for the extreme changes in veiling glare and Dark Noise
    • Separate adjustment of hue, saturation and brightness of up to three individual colors in the color tool Tuning
    • Support for RAW files from most popular digital SLR cameras also adds improved merge capabilities algorithms for extreme recovery of color data from JPEG / TIFF sources
    • Improved algorithms waves satellites with 3 choices: natural, sharp edge and smooth edge
    • saving 32 -bit files, storing them in .Bef, Radiance .HDR format, OpenEXR or TIFF formats

    Unified Color HDR Expose 3.0.3 build 10714

    Released: 2013
    Version: 3.0.3 build 10714
    Platform32-bit or 64-bit Windows (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)
    Interface language: English
    Activation: Crack (thx, vvk20062)
    Size: 20.39 MB / 25.43 MB

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