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    Samsung Kies 3.0.13091.39 Beta Ml / Rus

    Category: Software | Updated: 3/10/2015, 6:28
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    Samsung Kies 3.0.13091.39 Beta Ml / Rus

    Samsung Kies - Useful software for phones Samsung.With Kies, you can connect to your computer various electronic devices Samsung, such as mobile phones, MP3 players and digital cameras. The program also allows you to manage the content stored on etihustroystvah. All functions collected in one package!

    Kies program allows you to view and listen to different content stored on the mobile phone, the player MP3, digital cameras, camcorders, etc.As well as music files, photos and videos stored on your computer.In addition, the program allows you to post photos and videos on the Internet and show them to their friends without making the tedious process of logging in.In addition to the functions of the Kies program imports a computer phone numbers, messages, schedules, and notes stored on your mobile phone, so that the user can store important personal information and manage them on your computer.

    Program features:
    • Connect your phone to Kies wirelessly.
    • Connect your phone to Kies via Wi-Fi and synchronize content.
    • Connect your phone to Kies via Wi-Fi - a very convenient way to evaluate the benefits of Kies.
    • updated on your mobile.
    • When you connect package «Kies» automatically notify you of a new firmware version.
    • Improve your mobile terminal, updating firmware.
    • Synchronize contacts «Outlook» or «Google», «Yahoo».
    • Package «Kies» makes it easy and convenient to add and edit contacts stored in the mobile terminal. Also, you can synchronize your mobile phone contacts with contacts in the «Outlook», «Google» and «Yahoo». Let the music sounds from your mobile!
    • Create a playlist of your favorite music and synchronize it with your mobile terminal. And you will be able to enjoy their sound, wherever you are.
    • Transfer photos and videos from mobile to PC.
    • Package «Kies» will allow you to save on a PC cute heart pictures and videos taken with a mobile terminal.

    Samsung Kies 3.0.13091.39 Beta Ml / Rus

    Operating system : Windows® XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8
    Interface : Russian, Multilang ...
    Activation : Not required
    Size : 34,63 Mb

    Download Samsung Kies 3.0.13091.39 Beta Ml / Rus

    Download Samsung Kies 3.0.13091.39 Beta Ml / Rus for Windows 7, 8, 10
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