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    Mirolit Halotea 1.405 Ml / Rus

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    Mirolit Halotea 1.405 Ml / Rus

    Halotea - Audio player with which you can not only listen to the audio files, but you can create your own sound themes. The program already has a set of sound and the presets.Simply select and play one of those and enjoy the soothing sounds of nature, pleasant noises to create exactly the sound environment that matches your mood or help tune in to a certain rhythm of work or leisure.

    The program generates non-recurring sound themes based on random repetitions with random parameters play individual sounds from a huge collection of high-quality samples,that allows you to create a realistic and unique sound. All presets are divided into groups so you can easily find the presets, and just as easy to add (insert) of the selected sound theme.

    The intuitive interface allows you to quickly create your own preset from the sound of the program or of your own sounds.
    You can use the software for meditation or concentration.
    Of course, it will be interesting to listen to your disc with sounds of Halotea. For these purposes, the program has a built-in audio player. Create your new sound!

    Halotea has a built-in audio recorder allows you to record audio format OGG, reproduced many modern portable devices.

    Working at the computer or relaxing, you can easily forget about important events or a scheduled meeting.Do not worry - you will remind you of upcoming events built-in alarm clock, which is preset can not only notify the user by audio and visual signal, and perform the required actions - to run the application you want, shut down the computer, etc.

    Mirolit Halotea 1.405 Ml / Rus

    Mirolit Halotea 1.405 Ml / Rus

    Releases released : 2013
    Platform : Windows 2000/2003 / XP / Vista / 7
    Interface language: English / Russian
    Activation : there is
    File size: 34.25 Mb

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    Download Mirolit Halotea 1.405 Ml / Rus for Windows 7, 8, 10
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