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    Adobe Flash Player 11.8.800.156 Beta

    Category: Software | Updated: 10/4/2015, 04:18
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    Adobe Flash Player 11.8.800.156 Beta

    Adobe Flash Player - Vessey new program designed to empower known browsers, giving the opportunity to correctly display the clips created by technology Flash (files swf). Without Adobe Flash Player plugin web browser will not be able to correctly display pages and interactive elements.

    Plug-in used to view rolikov not big games and presentations that can be found on any website. Normally browsers Installs the Flash Player automatically, but the author recommends to constantly update the plugin because it is constantly being improved.

    11 version of the Adobe Flash Player has a lot of improvements, such as:
    - Technology Stage 3D, intended for hardware 3D-accelerated,
    - New opportunities to provide the highest performance of Flash applications with the best otzyvchivosti interface
    - Significantly expanded opportunities to work with webcams through hardware acceleration GPU,
    - Improved internal data compression, which makes it possible to reduce the size of applications, and as a consequence of fast loading them in your browser. Compress SWF files using the LZMA can reduce the file size up to 40%
    - New tools in the processing of HD-video, and these tools make the most of all the features of your computer.
    - Thanks to a new cryptographically secure random number generator
    developers will be able to produce more secure algorithms and protocols.
    - Applied G.711 audio compression technology when telephony. This technology supports compatibility with existing telephone systems with the help of Flash Media Gateway (FMG) and other third-party clients (using the protocol RTMP) without the need for transcoding.
    - Support of formats JPEG-XR.According to the international standard ISO / IEC 29199-2, JPEG-XR is an extended standard for image compression, it is easy to calculate because of this provides more efficient compression than normal JPEG. Also adds support for alpha transparency.
    - Improved support for large bitmap object permissions, now it is not limited to a maximum resolution of 16 megapixels (16,777,215 pixels), and the maximum width / height is not limited to8191 pixels, it allows you to create applications that use very large bitmaps.

    Adobe Flash Player 11.8.800.156 Beta

    Graduation Year: 2013
    Operating system : Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
    Interface language: British
    Activation : Freeware
    Size: 16.93 Mb / 16.35 Mb

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