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    DeskSoft EarthView 4.3.0

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    DeskSoft EarthView 4.3.0

    EarthView - A dynamic wallpaper and screensaver as a map of our planet or the globe rotating in synchronism with the transfer of land (supports changing the day / night, clouds, city lights).EarthView can work as a screen saver, which creates a highly detailed beautiful views of the earth (globe or map). Program allocate a very high image quality and vibrant colors.All parameters of the generation image can be flexibly configured, allowing you to adjust the image quality for the performance of a particular computer. From the developer's site you can download additional (photorealistic) maps the earth's surface.

    EarthView It has two modes of operation. If you choose to create a screen saver, you will be able to view highly detailed views of the earth, the globe or map, all depends on the settings you specified.If you believe the developers, the resulting pictures are of high quality, high resolution, colors will be rich, it is isolated from the other points of the development, which by the way is not somuch, I even can not remember, met counterparts or not.All parameters are responsible for the generation of the image can be customized by you in detail, though all in English, but I think a bit of effort and be able to fully understand all the available chips,in fact quite important to set the picture quality for a specific computer. If you little shots proposed standard EarthView, the further from the official site you can download other maps, I think this will also be able to understand yourself.

    It is worth noting the excellent quality when viewing the Earth support day and night, you can view the atmospheric phenomena, see the lights of cities, also displayed the cloud, you can switch betweencards, EarthView shows the local time in more than 3000 cities, also there is the opportunity to work with systems having multiple monitors, but also has support for working with 64-bit systems.

    Highly-detailed view of the Earth
    display of day and night
    atmospheric effects
    Urban areas and city lights
    map clouds
    some beautiful cards to choose from
    location and local time of more than 3,000 cities around the world
    save support wallpaper or screensaver
    support for multiple monitors
    a variety of options for complete customization
    support for 64-bit systems

    Changes in version 4.3.0
    New: updated city and time zone database
    New: cloud data download now prepaid instead of subscription based

    DeskSoft EarthView 4.3.0

    Graduation Year: 2013
    Version: 4.3.0
    Interface language: British
    Activation: Present
    File size: 18.28 Mb

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