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    EverNote Stable

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    EverNote Stable

    EverNote - Handy organizer designed for the safe storage and quick access to any records, stored Web pages, email and phone messages, address book, passwords, documents, and more.

    From the computer, the user can make notes and lists, store web pages, screenshots, digital images and PDF-documents.With the mobile application - taking photos ads, price lists, timetables; save voice, printed and handwritten notes, possibly linked records to geographiccoordinates. All of this information is synchronized with the Evernote servers and other devices to the user, and is available wherever it is needed.

    Stunningly fast
    Evernote is to provide a comfortable work on any computer, be it a netbook, an old computer with Windows XP or Ultrafast top model running Windows 7.

    Simply beautiful
    We processed each user interface element, trying to make it faster, easier and more attractive.The new look does not prevent you from working, you can focus on your notes, not the buttons and scroll bars.In addition, the new version is much better for various types of displays, at any ratio of the screen and with a variety of input devices. So whether you're using a mouse, a keyboard or a touch screen to interact with the computer, to work with Evernote 4 you will be comfortable.

    Here are some of the most loved us interface improvements:
    * Save space: Toolbar and menu system are now united and take up less space on the screen. But you can always switch to Classic View menu in the Preferences dialog.
    * Speed ​​of response: Switching between notes, your search results, opening the window Evernote and virtually all other actions have become much faster.
    * Simplified creation note: We have added a combined "New Note", which allows you to select the type to create notes (text, handwriting or images from a webcam). The next time the program is to remember your choice.
    * The new position of the search string: Search notes and description of the conditions of the current search is now located directly above the list of notes, that is more logical.See description of the current and the number of search results can be found by clicking on the small arrow at the end of the search string. Ability to hide this description frees up space to display themselves notes.
    * A clearer information note: Information Bar notes became more clear and understandable, with the title notes, notepad, and the source is right at the top of the panel.As in the case of the search panel, you can discover more information about the note. Navigating the Information Bar and the assignment of labels from the keyboard are much faster and more efficient.
    * More options for interaction: Evernote supports "multitouch" and a variety of keyboard shortcuts.

    First Evernote has been created to provide a new convenient way to work with the service and become a powerful platform for a huge number of new features that will be implemented inthe coming months. But, of course, we could not run without adding some interesting possibilities from the outset.
    Advanced Copy
    Copied fragments of Web pages - the most popular type of notes in Evernote. Therefore, in Evernote 4, we decided to significantly upgrade the backup process.Now, when you save content from Internet Explorer, Outlook and Firefox, you will see a pop-up window for creating notes, which will add tags and choose the notepad destination without leaving the current application window. This dialogue can be skipped by holding down the Shift.

    Microsoft Outlook users should be to the taste to copy into your Evernote account messages, attachments and even multiple letters. When you copy from Internet Explorer and Firefox are now stores more elements of styles and formatting, and Clipper works more reliably.

    Advanced editing
    We spent the last 9 months, improving editing notes, and now can boast of a number of excellent new additions, such as:
    * Edit tables (including adding columns and rows);
    * more convenient to work with bulleted and numbered lists;
    * improved support for copying and pasting formatted text from Internet Explorer, Office and other applications.
    * Also note editor toolbar now provides access to a choice of more colors and look more carefully.

    Clever headlines
    Evernote has now become a smarter approach to automatic formation of heading notes, based on the type of the stored content.For example, this may be the first line of text or the web page title for the copied web fragment. Of course, you can always edit the title of the note.
    Flexible print setting

    When you type one or more notes you can from the print dialogue click on "Settings" and select which information about the note you would like to include in the print.

    Windows 7 Jump Lists
    In addition, we adapted the Windows 7 look and interaction, we have also included support for several new features in Windows 7, including Jump Lists, which allow you to fixEvernote in the taskbar and quick access to key features Evernote (synchronization, search, and notes) even if Evernote is not running.

    Windows 7 Automatic positioning
    Evernote also supports most of the new geolocation capabilities Windows 7. You can now easily assign location data to take notes.Click on the text "Click to specify the location ..." in the information panel for this article, and your computer will find out your location and add it to the note.

    Hiding unnecessary data
    To make better use of screen space, some UI elements, we have hidden for as long as they are needed.
    * Information note: Click on the chevron next to the title notes, to see the information about it.
    * Description search terms: Click on the chevron in the search box to view and edit the search terms.
    * Scale: To change the size of thumbnails in the corresponding playback mode, hold the mouse cursor to the bottom of the list of notes. There will slider zoom controls.
    * Status of synchronization: Whenever Evernote syncs changes corresponding to the status bar temporarily appears in the lower right edge of the screen without a lot of extra space.

    Changes in version
    Skitch toolbar will no longer show on a Skitch PDF unless your Windows Skitch client can edit PDFs

    Fix for creating duplicate business notebooks
    Fix for sync errors on business notes
    Misc bug fixes

    EverNote Stable

    Date: 2013
    Platform: Windows All
    Interface: Multi / Russian
    Activation: Free
    Size: 52.53 Mb

    Download: Evernote Stable

    Download EverNote Stable for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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