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    Wine 1.6 Final

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    Wine 1.6 Final

    Wine (Wine Is Not Emulator - Wine - not an emulator) - a set of programs that allows users to Linux, Mac, FreeBSD, and Solaris to run Windows-based applications without the need to install on your computer itselfMicrosoft Windows. Wine is actively developing cross-platform free software, licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

    Benefits of Wine
    Last but not least, Wine can provide advantages compared with Windows.
    Wine making it possible to use all strengths of Unix (stability, flexibility, remote administration) while you are using Windows programs that you need.
    Unix has always allows you to write powerful scripts. Wine makes it possible to call scripts, Windows applications are also used in Unix environments, in full glory.
    Wine makes it possible to access Windows applications remotely, even if they are thousands of miles away from you.
    Wine making economical use of thin clients: just install Wine on Linux server, and voila! You access these applications from any X terminal.
    Wine can also be used to make existing Windows applications available from the Web, use the VNC or Java client.
    Wine is an open source code, so you can expand it up to what you need or give one of many companies to do it for you.

    Changes in Wine 1.6 Final:

    Wine 1.6 Final

    Operating system : Linux
    Activation : not required
    Language : English Russian
    Size : 20.15 Mb

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    Download Wine 1.6 Final for Windows 7, 8, 10
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