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    Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.20513.0

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    Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.20513.0

    Microsoft Silverlight - Technology developed by Microsoft Corporation, which is designed to create competition Adobe Flash. This program works as a plug-in conjunction with the popular browsers.Microsoft Silverlight enables you to create interactive multimedia web pages with visual effects for different browsers and platforms.The basis of the technology Microsoft Silverlight - an extensible application markup language XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language).Interactive elements by technology Microsoft Silverlight, can contain vector graphics, animation, and various kinds of tools for audio and video.

    Compelling Experiences
    More to attract users and make the most of your content with interactive features and high definition.
    Assembling by "noise" and differentiate with innovative features like Deep Zoom and Pivot, which push the boundaries of interactivity and visualization of data, and provide new ways to present your brand.
    Silverlight enables Web applications to deliver the demands of business users, the functionality of a modern, efficient, while the user interface is securely interact with desktop files, devices, data and applications such as Microsoft Office.

    Powerful Technology
    Based on an industrial scale applications Microsoft, developer tools and platform, which contributes to the stability, scalability, reliability and performance.
    Deliver engaging experiences across all major browsers on Mac, Windows, Linux, and client operating systems, mobile devices such as Windows Mobile 7, Nokia Series 60 and the set-top box.
    Enhanced browser for desktop PCs and devices with innovative tools, servers and frameworks.

    Enhanced Results
    Grow your business, your productivity, profitability and the technology and tools that provide exceptional value and accommodate the business model that fits your company best.
    Call on millions of existing developers and thousands of companies are already familiar. NET development, to help create and deploy applications Silverlight.
    Create rich web applications that quickly integrate with existing back-end solution. Easily enhance existing Web and SharePoint sites by incrementally adding Silverlight components.

    Changes in Silverlight 5 Build 5.1.20513.0 Released July 9, 2013

    Release Enhancements

    Fixes security issues described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
    2847559 MS13-052: Description of the security update for Microsoft Silverlight: July 9, 2013
    Fixes an issue where core CLR files were versioned as 5.0, and the System.Environment.Version public API reported the Silverlight framework version as 5.0.With this fix, all CLR and Silverlight files now have a major and minor file version of 5.1, and Environment.Version reports 5.1 as the framework version.
    Fixes an issue where certain buffered web requests can cause a crash of the Silverlight plugin on Mac OS X.
    Enables Silverlight application exception handling on future releases of Mac OS X.

    Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.20513.0

    Activation : not required
    Interface language: Russian
    Operating system : Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 7
    Size : 6.63 Mb / 12.47 Mb

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