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    Prey 1.4.2 Final

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    Prey 1.4.2 Final

    Prey - Is a small but very useful program, which is designed to ensure that you can always keep track of the location of your phone or laptop after installing the appropriate application.The latter will send a signal that gives an opportunity to track the movement of the device. Signal transmits information of finding the devices network connection status, temperature sensors, and, if desired, the user enables to carry out certain operations with its contents.

    Prey the easiest to install and configure. Configuration "anti-theft" system consists of two steps.First, you must install the client on the local computer, and then - to register on the official website of the service ( Client immediately after installation will not provide any evidence of the work:the program icon you see in the system tray, the application also will not pretend to be in the process list in the Task Manager Windows. However, this does not mean that the program is not running.To see this, immediately after the installation of the client part of the service, just go to the control panel on the site to ( / login), where you can find all the information about your computer: the full names and specifications of the "iron", including the serial numbers of boards and physical addresses of network adapters (these data may help to prove to the police that you are the owner of the laptop).

    In the basic configuration on the web page of the service, you can specify the type of operating system installed on the remote PC, encrypt data transmitted over the network and turn onthe ability to activate various actions on a stolen laptop. The most interesting settings are located in the tab "Basic" in the control panel online Prey.In the section devoted to the collection of information, you can activate a permanent location tracking device.Prey is able to determine the location of laptop, not only through an access point Wi-Fi, but also by reference to the built-in sensor GPS (of course, if your computer has them).In addition, the program can be used to remotely identify the currently connection IP-address in the case where the attacker did not manage to break the Internet connection.

    Prey also allows you to receive additional information on all network activity in a list of open sites and services, forced to activate the search for the nearest open access point Wi-Fi,connect them to establish and coordinate the collection of useful information to facilitate the return of a stolen. Even in the case of disconnection from the Internet

    Prey can map the possible movement of the device, based on the previously obtained geolocation data.If the attacker is not able to "block" the connection to the network, enter the final stage of his track would not require a lot of time.In the case of the Internet on the stolen computer through the application of Prey can be in stealth mode to take pictures with your webcam, view the list of running programs and other activities, making screenshots, monitor the list of changed files, and the time of their renewal.

    In addition, special attention should be given the possibility of Prey on the protection of personal information.Activating a range of options online application, you can achieve the automatic destruction of private data (including stored passwords) in Chrome, Firefox, Thunderbird and Outlook immediately after receipt of the signal the missing computer.

    In addition, the program Prey allows you to engage in dialogue with the thief and ask him to return the stolen anonymous for a small fee by sending a message through a special form, which will beis displayed on the desktop PC missing. Also, if you quickly discovered the fact of disappearance of a laptop in a coffee shop or an airport, the remote activation of the siren sound may discourage an attacker and helps you find the appliance yourself in the event of loss due to a misunderstanding.

    Key features and functions of the program

    a detailed report on the state of CPU, RAM and information from the BIOS;
    for determining the location of the program uses as a GPS device, and the wireless network;
    It allows an attacker to take a photo using the camera device;
    the program is automatically updated;
    It allows you to completely lock the device.

    Prey 1.4.2 Final

    Graduation Year : 2015
    Operating system : Windows® XP | Vista | 7 & 8
    Interface language: English
    Activation :not required
    Size : 13,8 Mb

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