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    Chasys Draw IES 4.10.01

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    Chasys Draw IES 4.10.01

    Chasys Draw IES - Before you a program that carries a large suite of applications, they are all designed to work with images.For example it will be possible to work with layers of images, work with animation, images are very high resolution, plus you get a powerful file converter, smart image viewer, and moreYou can work with images placed in your digital camera, download Chasys Draw IES direct link - download possible. All of the program, about which it was written above, work well with multi-core processors.

    The whole package is designed to use the power of multi-core processors and touch screens.
    Chasys Draw IES was created as a drawing program, unique in nature. Chasys Draw IES Artist is the main editor and drawing program in this package. The main goal: to make images more realistic and as close to photos.

    In general, this product was created to draw the image, and the authors have tried to make a unique tool of its kind.In general, with this app you can add pictures from more realistic, they become as close to the real photos.Chasys Draw IES is not familiar with all the tools, developers have tried to bring new pieces to it. As a result, before you quite a powerful editor with many features.I liked the interface, all windows can be placed in the right place, paint is also very convenient, there are a large number of built-in effects, actually looks like it's not very usual, the authors fellows.

    What can:
    • Super-fast internal graphics engine JpDRAW2
    • Free the blending mode of layers
    • Animation and modes with multi-resolution
    • Full support for alpha channel is a workflow
    • Alpha protection, the so-called transparency of the medium
    • Support for multi-core software architecture
    • Vista UAC
    • Multiple Displays
    • The engine allows you to do asynchronous autosave
    • Smoothing and support in the field of tools and ways, it's very smooth selection, smoother than you have seen in any other graphical editor
    • Unlimited Undo / Redo, ie can follow any responses to cancel your actions as many times as
    • Best-in-class heuristics smoothing
    • Advanced printing and scanning
    • Video capture from devices such as, TV / Video
    • Videosekventsiya
    • Built-in utilities (calculator, notepad)
    • Storing metadata, the ability to recover and scaling, as in vector graphics
    • Extensive support for plug-ins
    • Photoshop filter plug-in support (.8 BF)
    • Support for the older formats such as PPM / PGM / PBM, PCX, TGA, etc.
    • Using the latest CD5 specifications using animation and many resolutions
    • Import and export icons in Vista style
    • You can output the code C + + embedded module
    • Includes plugins for JPEG-2000, AVI video, animated cursors, JPEG, PNG, GIF animations, etc.
    • Physical characteristics dimensions
    • Treamlined SDK, without limitation,

    Changes in version 4.10.01
    New Image-mode: Composite - Clipped
    New Image-mode: ImageList - Multi-Resolution
    New Image-mode: Animation - Onion-Skinning
    New Effect: 3-way Chromatic Aberation Correction
    New Effect: Median Noise Reduction
    New Effect: Chroma Blur
    New Noise-Reduction Algorithms
    Support for Kodak Photo-CD (including 64base)
    Denoise option in Converter
    UI and functionality improvements for Viewer
    Configurable slideshow timer for Viewer
    Several minor enhancements
    [Bug fix] Overflow of font-selection drop-down
    [Bug fix] Intermittent problem with zoom in Viewer
    [Bug fix] URL resolution when HTTP is not specified

    Chasys Draw IES 4.10.01

    Date: 2013
    Platform: Windows All
    InterfaceEnglish / Multilanguage
    Activation: Freeware
    Size: 18.56 Mb

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