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    Ashampoo Snap 6.0.5 Datecode 07.06.2013

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    Ashampoo Snap 6.0.5 Datecode 07.06.2013

    Ashampoo Snap - Is a multipurpose program for rapid creating screenshots with built-in graphics editor, allowing to use a variety of effects.The utility has a lot of possibilities for high-quality removal of images from the screen and special tools for editing and conversion of screenshots.Immediately after the captures box pops image editing. The program has a very unusual and easy to use interface with multilingual support, including support for Russian language.

    Program features:
    "Capture windows and supervisors, including the window is not rectangular
    "Capturing a predetermined area of ​​the screen with setting the width and height
    "Capture any part of the screen
    "Running multiple captures without restarting
    "Automatic monitoring of built-in Windows screen copy button for quick and easy screen capture
    "Support for the capture of exclusive content on the screen
    "Imposing smooth shading image windows and objects screenshots
    "Capture the mouse cursor using special effects
    "Applying uniform effects (e.g., effect of torn paper)
    "Odnoklikovye function to save, erase, storage, copying, printing and e-mailing
    "Cutting, clipping and pixelation selected part
    "Rotating Images
    "Resizing Images
    "Unlimited undo and redo
    "Adding text to the image using the fonts and colors
    "Drawing shapes and arrows on the screenshot for annotations or markers
    "Various painting tools on the image, including the pen, pen, eraser, etc.
    "Quick tips for the user when using the program
    "Multilingual interface, including the Russian language

    New in Ashampoo Snap 6:
    With full support for multi-core and intelligent load balancing, all changes and effects in Snap appear before our eyes.

    Less clicks, more results. Thanks to our new tips, most operations are now easily accessible, which saves you from having to wade through cascades of modal windows.

    The use of real-time and instant preview:
    Now you can see all changes as soon as you make them. Feel free to try different settings and submit your information in style.

    Always on the safe side - with ease migration:
    After you have added the annotations and illustrations, The applied before effects that may be inappropriate. With Snap 6 perenastraivaemo all. Do not like a shadow, you just added? Just reconfigure it to fit your needs.

    Palette - choose any color:
    Most of the operations and effects allow you to select individual colors.It is hard to achieve harmony in the color palette for manual selection of colors so you often want to use the same color in a variety of operations.The Snap 6 has a new palette of colors, which works in two modes - the integrated and independent.In integrated mode, the palette lets you choose and re-use any of the existing on your current image.Independent mode goes one step ahead and lets you select any of the colors on your computer screen.Thus, you can observe the color balance, not only in the current editable, but also with other existing images.You can even export the collected color in the color profiles that are compatible with Adobe Photoshop, or export them in a PNG image as a palette for reuse.

    capture panel - less intrusive, more functional:
    New capture panel uses less space and is located by default at the top-right of your screen. This reduces the possibility of unwanted and unnecessary activation of distraction from everyday affairs.Moreover, the panel now has a button to switch between single and multi-frame capture, as well as the call button of the pipette selection of colors.

    Capture video:
    With Snap 6 You can capture shots from your webcam or apply effects to recorded time-lapse shooting video, which is very useful when shooting manuals.

    Load the network with just one click - your center of digital images:
    No account or login. One click and the image is downloaded to the network directly from Snap 6, and you get a link to send to your friends. You can also download or share images via email, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ directly from the site with a link.

    New features:
    • All new video capture technique with new effects / options
    • New cursor and zoom effects for video capture
    • Support of more codecs / containers for video encoding
    • Support of multi-monitor environments
    • Pause the video recording
    • Improved highlighting tool (more than one area)
    • Objects, for example arrows, texts, shapes etc., are now editable
    • High-quality scripts (anti-aliasing etc.)
    • Support of the Ashampoo Photo Commander format for import and export
    • Stamps and graphics that can be added to screenshots
    • Import / export of the whole application configurations in one INI file
    • Send several screenshots as a single PDF file by e-mail

    Ashampoo Snap 6.0.5 Datecode 07.06.2013

    Graduation Year: 2013
    Platform: Windows® 8 / XP / Vista / 7
    Interface language: Multilingual + Russian
    Activation: Present
    File size: 30.75 MB

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