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    Lansweeper - program for Windows operating systems that allows to automatically scan the network and connected to her PC and various devices to collect the necessary information (about hardware and software) and then display it in a convenient form in a special web interface. No need to install agents on remote computers, all work is carried out through built-in capabilities of Windows.

    The program can provide the following information:
    - the name of the user
    group to which it belongs,
    - the last session,
    - allowed own notes about the user, inserting pictures or import data from a domain
    - full information about installed hardware configuration, monitoring changes,
    - information about the current configuration of hardware configuration,
    - full information about installed software, service packs and available licenses
    all of the information about the operating system configuration.

    In addition, there are the following possibilities:
    - display information about the computer and user from Active Directory
    - display information about all active processes
    - display the contents of arbitrary registry keys,
    - display all current settings Internet Explorer.

    The program integrates into Active Directory, allows you to display the information collected via the web interface or your own requests, stores the information from sql server, does not require installation of client parts on the computers of users (enough that the computers were within the same domain).

    Software inventory
    With Lansweeper it easy to track and test all your installed programs, you can create reports of software inventory to find out what applications are installed on which computer.

    Hardware inventory
    Lansweeper cannot only detect all the devices in your computers but can also know when a device was changed or removed. Not only that, Lansweeper scans Windows devices, it also gathers details about all other IP devices in your network open for network scanning. (Linux, printers, routers, ...)

    Approval of licenses
    If you want to maintain all software licenses and operating system, today it can be time-consuming work. With Lansweeper computer inventory will tell you how many software versions are installed and how much licenses you are missing.

    Compliance reporting
    Every company needs to get established network. Reporting on compliance and the dashboard can help you to make all kinds of asset management reports. The only limit is your imagination ...

    Active Directory integration
    Lansweeper gathers all active directory user and computer details for your scanned machines. Create reports based on OU, integrate user pictures, clean up in active directory ...

    Eventlog integration
    Every Windows computer logs errors in the event log. Thanks to Lansweeper you can now consolidate all these errors and be alerted by email as soon as prosout important errors.



    Year: 2013
    Operating system: Win 2000/03/08/XP/Vista/7
    Activation: Not required
    Size: 78.62 Mb

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