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    Ace Translator Portable

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    Ace Translator Portable

    Ace Translator - This is a great and powerful online translator working on a powerful engine that allows you to quickly and accurately translate both texts of any complexity, as well as e-mails, chats, etc. The program has a multilingual interface (including Russian) and supports the transfer of about 66 languages ​​of the world!

    Program Ace Translator It has the opportunity to work with more than sixty foreign languages ​​- this feature of the program is explained quite powerful database, which contains a vast array of dictionaries,applications. Despite the large number of supported languages, translator Ace Translator has no significant load on the computer and takes little space on your hard disk.

    Ace Translator has a very user-friendly multilingual interface, the development of which was carried out on the basis of the wishes of the fans of this program.Translator Ace Translator operates using modern methods of work with dictionaries, which reduces the load on the computer's memory. Also worth noting is that the function is supported by the auto detect the language translation.

    The main advantages of Ace Translator:
    - quick and high-quality translation;
    - convenient multilingual interface;
    - small and convenient size of the program.

    Ace Translator Portable
    Ace Translator Portable

    Released: 2013
    OS: MS Windows
    Interface language: ML / Russian
    Activation: built
    File size: 2.3 MB

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    Download Ace Translator Portable for Windows 7, 8, 10
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