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    WSUS Offline Update 8.4 Portable

    Category: Software | Updated: 8/10/2015, 06:12
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    WSUS Offline Update 8.4 Portable

    WSUS Offline Update - The program allows you to update Windows and Office offline.As you know, Microsoft regularly releases updates for its key products - Windows and Office, and these updates are installed automatically, but only ifthe computer on which they are installed, connected to the Internet. WSUS Offline Update enables Windows Update and Office offline.

    How it works is that the program is using the integrated client allows you to download new updates on a computer connected to the Internet, so they can be burned to DVD in the future to use this drive to upgrade other computers in the offline mode.

    One feature of WSUS Offline Update is that the program allows you to exclude from the list of downloaded some updates (bulky service packs, etc.), As well as customize the number of other parameters, such as which of the locations (Russian, English, etc.) Windows and Office is required to download updates.

    Changes in the WSUS Offline Update 8.4
    - UpdateInstaller script will now remind user's presets inbetween manual recalls (Thanks to "paul1149")
    - DoUpdate.cmd script will now beep to request manual reboots (Thanks to "paul1149")
    - Fix: Microsoft does not support dynamic determination of Updates for Office 2013 (Thanks to W. Wenzel)
    - Fix: Installation part missed updates for Internet Explorer 10 (Thanks to "Gerby")
    - Fix: UpdateGenerator script will now check installation state of Trusted Root Certificates (Thanks to "boco")
    - Fix: UpdateGenerator script will now block UNC script paths (Thanks to "hereiam")
    - Fix: UpdateGenerator and UpdateInstaller scripts will now block invalid% TEMP% paths (Thanks to "e2020" and "aker")
    - Fix: Double-quoted parameter check could prevent installation of Office File Converter Pack (Thanks to "Rassilon")
    - Fix: Download part missed PowerPoint 2007 Security Update kb2596764 due to a bug in Microsoft's update catalog file
    - Fix: Language messages and prerequisites' problem corrected in Linux scripts (Thanks to H. Hullen)
    - Fix: Invalid download paths for C ++ Runtime Libraries in Linux script (Thanks to H. Hullen)
    - Fix: Differences between Linux and Windows download parts (Thanks to "talou" and H. Hullen)

    WSUS Offline Update 8.4 Portable

    WSUS Offline Update 8.4 Portable

    Operating system : Windows® XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 2012, 7, 8 (32/64-bit)
    Interface English
    Activation : Not required
    Size : 4.54 Mb

    Download WSUS Offline Update 8.4 Portable

    Download WSUS Offline Update 8.4 Portable for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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