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    QuickTime Pro 7.7.4 ML/RUS

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    QuickTime Pro 7.7.4 ML/RUS

    QuickTime is marked by merit software from Apple for playing digital media on your computer. QuickTime gives you the opportunity to delight in a wide selection of multimedia: video, graphics, music, sound, sprites, panoramas of virtual reality, animation and content from the web.

    QuickTime also is the basis for many other programs that can use it as a basis for multimedia information. This is mainly products of the company Apple – iMovie, iTunes, QuickTime Player. Also QuickTime is integrated as a plugin in modern browsers to play media content embedded in web pages and does not use, for playing Flash.

    Highly effective H. 264 codec built into QuickTime Player superdense allows you to compress the video signal and receive files of small size without losing quality. This allows you to transmit live and saturated colors and enhance the image by 4 times, which remains as sharp and contrast.

    AT QuickTime 7 Player – improved full screen mode, allowing you to get rid of the part of image and make full use of the capabilities of modern widescreen monitors.

    QuickTime Player version 7 is easier to manage, to save the user from extra settings, it became even much easier to use. For streaming data on the network now does not require any attitude, QuickTime Player determines the bandwidth of the Internet channel and selects the size of the video stream, which will provide the maximum quality of the transmitted image. And most importantly in the case of a broken connection, QuickTime Player itself reconnects and continues the work that does not require the user absolutely nothing.

    Also in QuickTime's advanced sound Retriever. It provides up to 24 audio channels, allowing you to turn your room into a home theater and enjoy high quality audio signal and to achieve surround sound even on easy columns. Universal QuickTime 7 Player supports a wide range of standard audio formats, including AIFF, WAV, MOV, MP4 (AAC only) and AAC/ADTS.

    QuickTime player has many amazing features:
    • Support video in the H. 264 format. Watch movies made in this format, which answers contemporary technical level and ensures exceptional quality even at very low speed stream.
    • Resize during playback. Resizing the window QuickTime-player during playback does not affect the playback quality.
    • The flow of zero configuration. Now QuickTime automatically determines the optimal speed of the Internet connection and adjusts it accordingly. If the data connection is interrupted, QuickTime is automatically connected to the server in new ways.
    • Surround sound. Now QuickTime player can play audio and 24 channels. With QuickTime 7, PC, and speakers big sound You can fully delight in the sound effects when watching a movie or playing computer games.
    • New enhanced controls playback. Use new controls to set the options, providing average quality when viewing videos. You can just change the options, including controller Jog-shuttle, playback speed, low and high audio frequencies, and also balance.
    • Floating controls. Pause, play, fast forward and fast reverse during playback of movie in full screen mode – everything is under Your control.
    • Redesigned the guide content. The new QuickTime content guide provides access to new information in the world of entertainment on the Internet.

    QuickTime 7 Pro gives users not only the remarkable functions QuickTime-player, but also new functions QuickTime Pro:
    • Create H. 264 video. Create incredible quality video at any data rate: from 3G (for mobile devices) to HD (high definition video).
    • Record audio. Capture audio and easily create podcasts or text accompanying the slide show.
    • Creating videos for your iPhone, iPod and Apple TV. With QuickTime Pro You can easily convert your existing movie collection or video podcast into a format that allows you to play them on iPhone, iPod and Apple TV.
    • Create audio with surround sound. You can be the Creator of these masterpieces in the field of multimedia, adding into the films multichannel audio material. QuickTime automatically mixes the audio to work with speakers of each user.
    • The simultaneous export of several files. You have the ability to simultaneously export multiple files. There is no need to stop playback or edit a movie.
    • Improved movie authoring. Edit movies is now even easier thanks to new combinations of keys to accommodate the start and end points. In addition, characteristics of the films in QuickTime completely redesigned to ensure the simplest and most productive authoring.
    • The immutable properties of AAC. In addition to the existing regime of constant bitrate, QuickTime 7 Pro allows you to create audio files, AAC, optimized to maintain consistently high quality listening.
    • Flow 3G. Create files 3G for flow RTSP (streaming Protocol real-time), which are supported portable devices of flow 3G technologies and signal delivery.
    • Automation with use VB Script. Automate your QuickTime workflow with the help of support VB Script in QuickTime 7. VB Script can be also used by developers for obtaining the recently developed control QuickTime Active X for creating custom multimedia programs.

    Supported formats
    • Video: MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (available as a separate component), MPEG-4, 3GPP, 3GPP2, JPEG, DV, MJPG (Motion JPEG), AVI, MQV, H.264;
    • Audio: AIFF / AIFC, Audio CD, CAF, MOV, MP3, MPEG-4, AU, WAV, audio iTunes;
    • Images: BMP, GIF, JPEG / JFIF, JPEG 2000, PDF, MacPaint, PICT, PNG, Photoshop (including layers), SGI, Targa, FlashPix (including layers), TIFF (including layers);
    • Aniatsiya: Animated GIF, FLC, Flash, PICS;
    • Other: KAR (karaoke), MIDI, QuickDraw GX, image files QuickTime, QuickTime VR, Text.

    QuickTime Pro 7.7.4 ML/RUS

    Date of: 2013
    Interface language: Multilingual (Russian inclusive)
    Platform : Windows XP / Vista / 7
    Activation: There is
    Size:40,29 Mb

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