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    FFDShow Revision 4508 x86 / x64

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    FFDShow Revision 4508 x86 / x64

    FFDShow Revision filter, significantly improves the playback quality of video files encoded in DivX and XviD formats, especially at low bitrate. Supports most modern codecs. fdshow – features an advanced DirectShow filter and VFW codec that supports many audio and video formats.

    FFDShow Revision popular DirectShow decoding filter for decompressing DIVX and XVID movies using libavcodec or xvid. Also, ffdshow has a huge number of settings and can be used as a separate filter for other codecs. When using algorithms that are optimized for instructions MMX, SSE and 3DNow!, allowing in many cases, when viewing the video less CPU usage and still get higher quality than with most other decoders image.

    ffdshow (x86 / x64) - media decoder, typically used for fast and high-precision decoding of video stream in MPEG-4 ASP (i.e. encoded with DivX, Xvid or FFmpeg MPEG-4) and AVC (H.264) formats, also supports many other video and audio formats. Is free software released under the GPL license, runs under Windows as a DirectShow filter.

    ffdshow has support for subtitles, which you can include, the ability to choose the set of used codecs, removal of screenshots, control keyboard, control of image resolution, brightness, the set of filters post-processing images, including the ability to connect plug-in video editing, filters DScaler. Is able to use the integrated audio filters, equalizer, mixer, decoder Dolby, DSP Winamp plugins, etc. the Number of elements of postprocessing transferred from the player MPlayer filters and AviSynth.

    ffdshow uses the libavcodec library and several other free and open source (open source) packet decoding video popular formats such as MPEG-4 (including encoded with Xvid, 3ivx, all version of DivX), H. 263 and VP6 (used in particular, site YouTube), H. 264/AVC, WMV, as well as many others. ffdshow also decodes the audio stream to MP3, AAC, Dolby AC3, WMA, and Vorbis formats, as well as in many others.

    The postprocessing filters of ffdshow are used in video editors VirtualDub and AviSynth, by configuring VFW. In these editors, ffdshow can also be used for encoding MPEG-4 compliant video stream that is compatible with codecs Xvid, DivX, and x264, as well as video without losing quality and a number of other tomatov supported by the underlying libavcodec library.

    At the moment support video formats: H. 264/AVC, XVid, DivX 4/5/6, MPEG 4, DivX3, MP41, MP42, MP43, H.263, FLV1,Theora, VP3, VP5, VP6, VP6F, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV1, WMV2, WMV3, VC-1, WMVP, MSS1/2, H. 261, Hiffyuv, MJPEG, SVQ1, SVQ3, QTRLE, 8BPS, QRPZA, FFV1, DV, CamStudio, CorePNG, LOCO, MSZH, Techsmith, ZLib, ZMBV, AutoDesk RLE, Cinepack, Indeo, MS Video 1, MS Video RLE, QPEG, Real Video, and several others.

    FFDShow Revision 4508 x86 / x64

    FFDShow Revision 4508 x86 / x64

    Graduation Year: 2013
    Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7 x86/x64
    Language: Multi/ Russian
    Size: 4.54 Mb/4.77 Mb

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