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    Sonic Visualiser 2.1

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    Sonic Visualiser 2.1

    Sonic Visualizer is a program for display and analysis of the contents of music audio files. The program will be of particular interest to musicologists, archivists signal processing researchers and all those looking for a convenient way to look at what lies inside the audio file.

    Program features:
    download WAV files, OGG, MP3, display waveform;
    Various audio visualization techniques, such as spectrogram and so on, interactive scaling.;
    the ability to create annotations to the audio data by adding time stamps and division into fragments, the opportunity to sign the point values ​​and curves;
    annotation overlay one another, annotations and other spectrogram visualization;
    simultaneous display of the same data with a different scale on the time axis;
    automatic creation of annotations using plug-ins;
    Import annotations from different text files;
    Import notes from a MIDI file;
    adjustable playback speed;
    export markings and annotations to a file.

    What are the objectives Sonic Visualizer:
    to achieve the best visualization of the most common audio formats;
    facilitating the comparison of different audio segments, for example, by imposing their visualization; parallel visualization audio by various methods;
    Ease of Use: The user interface should be as simple and straightforward, most clearly reflecting the structure of the audio data;
    performance. Sonic Visualizer is a multitasking program and works well with multi-core and multi-threading CPU, thus not loading the system too.The program is perfectly optimized for modern processors, large amounts of memory and allows you to work with a very lengthy fragments audio. However, Sonic Visualizer is able to run on a relatively low-end machines.

    Sonic Visualiser supports Vamp plugins that add new analysis capabilities (tempo definition, tone, etc.). Also supported format effects LADSPA and DSSI.

    Changes in Sonic Visualiser 2.1:

    - Fix incorrect handling of FixedSampleRate outputs (Vamp SDK fix)
    - Make it easier to see results from transforms that return a single point
    - Make labelling clearer on time-value layers
    - Add discrete-curve mode for time-value layers (for curves with gaps)
    - Update code to build against Qt5

    Sonic Visualiser 2.1

    Sonic Visualiser 2.1

    Released: 2013
    Platform: Windows® XP / Vista / 7
    Interface language: MULTi
    Activation: not required
    Size: 20.53 Mb

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