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    Dxtory v2.0.122

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    Dxtory v2.0.122

    Dxtory - A program for recording video from games and other applications, support DirectX and OpenGL. Dxtory is an excellent alternative to the popular Fraps in - the program has many times more recording settings and allows you to record video games much faster than the previously mentioned Fraps.


    - Fastest video recording.
    Dxtory is a video tool for DirextX / OpenGL application. The program operates at very high speed. Arbitrary cropping and free scaling supported hardware.

    - Record without losing quality.
    Codec Dxtory can record original pixel data, and the output video quality is obtained without deterioration of the video source. In addition, it is also supported VFW-codec.

    - Work with multiple hard drives.
    The speed of hard drives is essential for ensuring the recording speed. If you have two or more hard drives in the system, it will record a still higher speed.You do not need a special file system - simply select two or more disks zhesttkih and adjust the recording speed.

    - Record audio from a variety of sources.
    If two or more sound sources, it is possible to record both. Thus, for example, can be written as a game sound, and a voice microphone. Due to the fact that all the sound sources are recorded in separate streams of video, you can later edit each sound source individually.

    Change will have to 2.0.122
    FIX: The bug of IDirectDrawSurface2.
    FIX: In the case of "Force CPU Processing" of DirectX10 / 11, the bug that non-indication of the mouse cursor is not handled normally.
    MOD: The code of an audio capture is changed.
    MOD: Supported special Present of DirectX9Ex.

    Dxtory v2.0.122

    Released: 2013
    Version: v2.0.122
    Platform: Windows® XP / Vista / 7
    Interface language: English
    Activation: there is
    Size: 3.87 Mb

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