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    ArtRage 4.0.2 Retail

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    ArtRage 4.0.2 Retail

    ArtRage Studio - package of painting designed to provide realistic results, using the methods of drawing on canvas with different tools, such as for example pens, pencils and crayons.You can work with the program, taking advantage of the benefits of the unique interaction of pen and screen that allows you to experience realistic painting.

    Programs of ArtRage characterized by a combination of two things rarely found in budget product - easy to understand and well-designed user interface with a variety of universal andGripping tools. Art Rage is very accurate and beautifully reproduces the oil paints that even some time to dry, and can be mixed in every possible way, to smear.One of the interesting things you can add the ability to dip the brush in a glass of water. It also affects the color.Depending on the structure of the canvas, change properties of the ink deposited on the surface - all as in reality. The design is also a sense of realism.Liszt, in which paint, easy to rotate, zoom in and out. When drawing the panel interface is automatically cleaned without interfering with the finish line.

    Happy owners of tablets, the program provides support to pressure and tilt of the pen. There is pressure adjustment, the attached drawing any tool, for example, brush or pencil. Leading manufacturer WACOM tablets company incorporated lightweight package ArtRage supplied to some models of their tablets. Layering allows canvas to enclose the sample and draw on it. The sample set the scale, transparency. Layers and operations on them - all you need - mixing during application, filters and brushes PhotoShop-as well as PlugIn-s. From all this it follows that this program, according to the most authoritative experts, can be recommended for use any creative person, whether child or adult, artist, familiar with complicated programs or a beginner.

    only art tools
    supports the tablets, angle, pressure
    you can put a pattern and draw on it paints
    set the scale, transparency
    layers and operations on them
    metallic paint (included under the color paletas)
    as a palette large selection of built-in
    like children, and easily mastered by them, intuitive and easy interface

    Changes in version 4:
    Symmetrical pattern: create a "mirror" the canvas upon which automatically reflected strokes that you draw.
    Toolkit: one toolbar collection color palettes, presets and other instruments that you are involved in the current picture.
    View canvases: plavusa tip, the window that displays part or all of the canvas on which you are working.
    Scraps: will draw on scraps of canvas that can be used as a palette for mixing paints or test piece.
    Workplace: turns the entire interface in a single panel with a customizable space for current tools.
    New panel design tool properties: external design redone to improve workflow and add clarity.
    Tool "Clone": duplicate picture with all the properties of the canvas.
    Tiled and gradient: a new panel properties "Fill" will create gradients (smooth color transitions) and tile patterns.
    Consistent backup
    The control properties stylus
    Perspective distortion drawing object

    ArtRage 4.0.2 Retail

    Operating system: Windows® XP | Vista | 7 & 8
    Graduation Year: 2013
    Interface language: Ml / Russian / English
    Activation:there is
    Size: 76.85 Mb

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