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    MusicBee 2.1.4841 Beta + Portable

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    MusicBee 2.1.4841 Beta + Portable

    MusicBee - An excellent program that will play music files, plus you get a wide range of options.For example, you can work with playlists, very finely edit tags, plus get a good converter of audio formats, the ability to record audio CDs, you can work with audio books, there is support to automatically download track information from the Internet

    The player works with the most well-known audio formats, there is an excellent file manager, integrated 10-band equalizer, there are chip "Auto-DJ", Presence DSP effects, you can synchronize filesthere is a mode intelligent volume control, there is support to broadcast your tracks to the network, MusicBee has a good search engine, you can filter tracks by different criteria.

    In addition, the player has a good collection of radio stations.

    * Organize your music files in the library and edit tags with a powerful, but easy to use interface.
    * Automatic search for album art, lyrics, tags and other metadata from the Internet.
    * When new files / albums in music-controlled folders are automatically added to the library, with the possibility of getting the tags of the files.
    * Play MP3, FLAC, Vorbis, WMA files, and if there are tracks on Scrobbled Listen to music from the web - playlists are created from MP3 blogs you visit.
    * Available Auto-DJ will create a playlist for you, and will open new music tracks from the internet (or older from your collection, which you have forgotten!)
    * Use the built-in Multi-Threading encoder to safely copy CD tracks as separate files or as a single album with the built CUESHEET, and checking
    * Play to sync music from iPods and MP3-players, convert and align tracks on the fly.
    * Create dynamic playlists based on their own rules.
    * Convert, Normalize, find the label, find the album art and more, with an increasing number of built-in tools MusicBee.
    * A wide range of topics of skins and plug-ins.
    * Visualization with a choice of Executive or display photos from the web.
    * Equalizer.
    * Tired of mistakes, inconsistencies in your music library, and constantly have to correct the situation? MusicBee help you! It works!
    * And much more ...

    Changes in Version 2.1.4841 Beta
    - New "modern" Compact player
    - The new layout is selected and configured from Preferences / Layout (2)
    - The older compact player layout remains and is renamed as "Classic"
    - The "modern" compact player is more focused on artist pictures and other graphics. See for more details
    - And for an example layout
    - Improved "Playing Track" panel layout when docked in the bottom pane
    - New spectrum visualiser
    - Improved wavebar (also now displayable in the player panel for the new Compact player layout)
    - WASAPI and ASIO should now be truely gapless (DirectSound already is)
    - New Tempo DSP to slow or speed playback - enabled in the Equaliser and DSP dialog
    - New Split () function which can be used in virtual tags: Split (, "text", index) where the field is split into sub-strings for each instance of "text" and index is the instance the function returns
    - Hotkey to view artwork for an album: "View: Artwork"
    - Artist pictures can now be directly pasted and saved to the MusicBee artist picture folder. Additionally the new Compact player allows multiple artist pictures to be rotated
    - A lot of bugs fixed

    For version MusicBee 2.1.4841 Beta must be installed MusicBee 2.0.4663 Final (is in the archive) and copy the replacement files from an archive

    MusicBee 2.1.4841 Beta + Portable

    Released: 2013
    Operating system : Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
    Interface : English / Russian
    Activation : not required
    Size: 28.41 Mb / 25.86 Mb

    Download MusicBee 2.1.4841 Beta

    Download MusicBee 2.1.4841 Beta Portable

    Download MusicBee 2.1.4841 Beta + Portable for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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